Making protecting digital assets easier, safer and more accessible for Brazilians, Ledger has teamed up with Kabum!

Ledger, the world leader in digital asset security, recently announced a partnership with KaBuM!, Latin America’s largest technology and gaming e-commerce, to help millions of people in Brazil take control of their cryptocurrencies and digital collectibles with ease. more ease and less cost.

Brazilians are increasingly turning to blockchain and Web3 solutions to protect and grow their investments, and digital assets offer an opportunity to access financial freedom for the estimated 30 million citizens who do not have bank accounts or credit cards.

All of our surveys indicate that Brazilians are eager to learn how to protect their cryptocurrencies and NFT collections..” said Jean-François Rochet, VP of International Development at Ledger. “Our goal is to make this journey as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

To make acquiring digital values ​​considerably safer, easier and more accessible for Brazilians, Ledger has made its website, educational resources and customer support, as well as the Ledger Live mobile app, available in Brazilian Portuguese. Furthermore, the company joined KaBuM!, which now offers the series Ledger Nano™ on your website.

With over 6 million devices sold and none of them ever hacked, the Ledger Nano™ series is the most successful digital asset security hardware of all time. The partnership with KaBuM! shows Ledger’s determination to make protecting digital assets easier and more accessible for Brazilians.

Earn Bitcoin by buying Ledger at Kabum!

And to take advantage of this debut in the country even more, it is already possible to earn the first bitcoins using cryptoback directly at Kabum! through the Cointimes app (Android and IOS) or with the extension.

Just do a quick registration, install the app or extension and/or click on the Kabum! link, buy and receive your bitcoins after confirming the purchase.

The bitcoin cryptoback reaches up to 1.53% in several purchase categories at the largest electronics store on the market and is also available for Ledger.

Now you can buy your cryptocurrency wallet with a few bitcoins in your pocket to test it out.


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