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The launch of “Mastery of Monsters” this Monday by Pancake Swap brings with it emotion and nostalgia, uniting the crypto universe with the consecrated MMORPG games (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games). Players will be transported to a magical world full of challenges and adventures, reliving the thrill of exploring vast realms, battling legendary monsters and forging lasting friendships in an interactive online environment.

For many longtime enthusiasts of the MMORPG genre, “Mastery of Monsters” represents a lucrative reunion with the pleasure of participating in a vibrant virtual world, now enriched by the rewards and possibilities offered by the cryptocurrency market. The community is excited about the opportunity to re-immerse themselves in an immersive gaming experience, where their actions bring not only personal satisfaction, but also tangible gains in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The epic trajectory of “Mastery of Monsters” was born from the ambition to fill the gaps present in many NFT game projects. The Brazilian team of developers decided to create an experience based on three essential pillars: Game, Economy and Interaction.

“Our first goal was to have a functional game at token launch (available for PC and MacOS). We started working on the idea in October 2022, creating the concept, the business plan and defining long-term goals. In December 2022, with the milestones well established, we started development in Unity, using high quality assets and technology to ensure constant and scalable growth,” reveals DS Duarte, Creative Director.

Seeking a sustainable and attractive economy for players and investors, MOM stands out for offering real utility to the token since its launch. Both for those who move it and for the holders (holders), the economic system provides clear and tangible opportunities for interaction.

“In the launch week, our system for purchasing NFTs with the token will be functional. We will also open registrations for the first MOM tournament, scheduled to take place in the second half of August 2023, with a prize pool of +5,000 USD. We are negotiating with a sponsor to make this event even bigger in our ecosystem,” emphasizes Ivo Jr., CEO of MOM.

The MOM token (MOM) is the backbone of the gaming economy, offering multiple ways for investors to earn and get involved in the ecosystem. In addition to play-to-earn, investors can purchase exclusive NFTs and participate in tournaments with attractive rewards. The token burning system values ​​the active participation of holders, promoting a healthy environment for token value growth.

The development team has big ambitions for the future of the game, with bold plans to expand “Mastery of Monsters” globally. By 2024, the goal is to have servers in different places, interacting in different languages, strengthening communities and operating their own tokens. “This approach aims to promote the inclusion and engagement of players around the world, making ‘Mastery of Monsters’ a milestone in the play-to-earn gaming landscape. We are looking forward to the launch this Monday, the 24th of July,” comments Mario Filho, Head of Marketing at MOM.

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