The Kraken security team has released a way to extract the seed from the Trezor One and Trezor Model T hardware wallets.

The attack requires physical access to the device, devices that cost about $ 75 and only 15 minutes.

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The devices were able to extract the seed from the physical wallet by manipulating the voltage in the microcontroller, according to Kraken Security Labs.

How to protect yourself from attack

If you store your bitcoins in a Trezor, you must follow a simple step to completely protect yourself from this problem: use a passphrase, if you haven't already.

The passphrase is an additional password to the device, which instead of being generated randomly, is chosen by you.

And because it is not stored in the device, it cannot be extracted by an attack like this, even if the attacker manages to have his Trezor in hand.

It is worth noting that this extra security is also an extra responsibility, if you ever lose your Trezor and need to recover your bitcoins, the seed will not be enough, but you must also remember the chosen password.

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