Koins is an original creation of Wiper Labs, the new Wiper Agency business unit focused on innovation and technology, which presents a new transmedia proposal to the crypto community, gamers and fans of NFTs, under the “play and earn” modality, which offers fun, along with the possibility of obtaining prizes and creating your own collection of NFTs within the framework of a transmedia experience, where players are part of the creation of the story that surrounds the game through webseries, comics , podcasts, building the metaverse of Koins. Users can start playing very simply by acquiring an NFT (a Koin) to participate in races against other Koins. “We are very happy to present a competitive game where we integrate not only NFTs to obtain prizes, but through transmedia we also build a universe of content that nourishes the Koins ecosystem with value. Thus we present an evolution of the so-called ‘play to earn’. At Koins we invite users not only to play to win but also to be part of a new experience that integrates collecting -with fish NFTs-, competition -with racing- and fantasy -with content-. That is why we propose that it is a play AND earn, since the proposal is much more comprehensive and the objective is not only to obtain tokens as a prize”,  explains  Braian Greno, CEO of Wiper Labs. Koins is built on the Polygon blockchain and will use a dual economy system made up of a utility token and a governance token. In addition, the Koins will be collectible since the NFTs universe will have a limited and exclusive number of Koins. The first drop will be available in the second quarter of 2022. The game was developed in 3D models on multi-layered two-dimensional scenarios and will be playable both from a web browser and on mobile devices.


Koins is a PVP style play and earn racing game  where players from all over the world compete against each other to reach the podium. All races are made up of 8 competing koins and only the top three places are rewarded with tokens. You can collect multiple own koins, as well as register them in races, carry out activities, breed them and even train koins from other players. These actions require tokens, which can be obtained both by winning races and by completing general and daily missions. In addition, the game will release other rare and collectible NFTs such as koin pools, decorations, and skins.


Koins invites players to have fun and earn rewards through gameplay in a variety of ways:
  • Completing monthly missions or objectives
  • Achieving first, second, or third place in the Koin races
  • Achieving first place in a tournament
  • Breeding koins and selling them in the market
  • Renting the koins to other players
  • Acquiring one or more Trackuarium Blocks (where the races are held) and receiving a percentage of the registration


One of the highlights of the play to earn revolution in other successful V games like Axie Infinity is the ability to grant a scholarship to a player who doesn’t have the financial means to purchase an NFT. Under this system, the owner gives his NFT to a player and then the tokens obtained as prizes in the game are shared between both. This modality, although it has benefited thousands of players, can be difficult to manage for the owners of the NFTs who must manually keep track of all their scholarships. In Koins, this difficulty will be solved through an in-game marketplace where users can easily offer their Koins so that other players can rent them, become trainers and participate in races. The tokens obtained will be automatically distributed by a smart contract, removing the need for manual tracking. In addition, through a reputation system, both the trainers and the owners will be qualified by their performance.


Koins will invite you to join a universe of content and interaction between the participants to build and define the course of the game’s history. Through multiple platforms you will be able to learn more about the origin and other mysteries of the koins, in addition to knowing the results of different competitions within the game.


For players looking for greater challenges will come the Tournaments, exciting competitions made up of multiple races. There will be different tournament formats with some variations in rules and conditions. Players will be able to belong to different guilds, which will be represented in various ways in all the competitions they participate in, while also facing other guilds.


KOINS is an original project created by the Wiper Labs business unit, and is supported by the Wiper Agency and Settle Labs. More information Site: https://koins.run/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoinsNft Telegram: https://t.me/KoinsRun Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Koins-NFT-105718495293812 YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R92JaUpdsk Discord: https://discord.gg/tF6WkQ7gjX Wiper Agency: https://wiperagency.com/ Settle: https://settlenetwork.com/ Activation with T2Latam: https://twitter.com/T2LATAM/status/1509636771797250052


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