Itaú sent an e-mail to customers on Monday evening (28) advising that the pre-registration of PIX at Itaú Empresas is now open.

The PIX keys will act as a code for your bank account. It is through it that withdrawals and deposits will be made. The keys can be registered through CNPJ, telephone number, e-mail or a random key, generated by the PIX system itself. Each checking account can register up to 20 keys.

For Itaú Empresas customers to pre-register, it is necessary to access the account through the computer and click on the banner that will appear in the middle of the screen, indicating for the pre-registration of PIX.

Then choose the type of key you want to register. If you choose email or cell phone to be the key, validate the data with a code that will be sent via SMS or email. Finally, confirm the key request with iToken.

Registration will officially begin on October 5th, but some banks and fintechs are already pre-registering to get ahead. The official launch of PIX is scheduled for November.

What PIX is and how it will work

The PIX was announced by the Central Bank in February and the main objective is to allow the transfer of resources in real time between people and / or companies.

In total, 980 companies are already connected to PIX – large banks and the main credit and payment fintechs to credit unions and retail companies.

The cost of a transaction through PIX will be R $ 0.01 for every 10 transactions. The value was described in a normative instruction published on August 3, which describes the services and values ​​table of the Central Bank Information System (Sisbacen).

The figures show the price of the financial service for Bacen's payment platform, which will be included in the costs of the companies that use the services. They represent part of the costs of any instant payment provider.


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