Some influential members of the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin community are complaining about an alleged Twitter “boycott” in their publications. According to them, the social network, whose chief executive is Bitcoin enthusiast Jack Dorsey, is limiting the reach and impressions of his posts.

According to a story published by Forbes on Friday, May 1, one of the community's influencers to speculate about this was cryptocurrency developer Anthony Sassano. In his Twitter profile he said:

“Has anyone else noticed problems with your Twitter account in the past 48 hours? My notifications are everywhere and every tweet I post receives a lot less impressions than usual. ”

Technology investor and founder of the news portal The Block, Mike Dudas, responded to Sassano and confirmed that "they are doing this".

"I realized that in my account this week", tweeted Dudas.

Coin Center communications director Neeraj Agrawal also agreed with Dudas and Sassano. According to him, the social network is, in fact, limiting the reach and impressions of tweets.

“I started using LinkedIn again out of desperation”, complemented Nic Carter, partner of the blockchain-focused venture capital fund, Castle Island Ventures.

Twitter has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Amid this supposed boycott, Twitter is experiencing internal tensions. That's because activist Wall Street investor Elliott Management bought $ 1 billion in shares of Twitter and is working to expel co-founder Jack Dorsey from the company he helped build.

Similar cases

It's not just Twitter that is in apparent conflict with the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community. According reported CriptoFácil, Ripple filed a lawsuit against YouTube for running fake ads and scams involving cryptocurrencies. Then Ripple's chief technology officer (CTO), David Schwartz, had his network channel suspended by YouTube.

In addition, Google, at the end of last year, removed a number of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related content from its website, which was called “cryptocurrency cleaning”.

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