Buying food and wine with cryptocurrencies just got easier. The Brazilian cryptocurrency portfolio Bitfy has entered into a partnership with the companies Evino and iFood.

Through the partnership, Bitfy users will be able to use Bitcoins to purchase gift certificates that can be used at both companies. The information was released by Bitfy through a statement sent to CriptoFácil.

Bitcoin purchases will give discount

Bitfy CEO Lucas Schoch spoke about the partnership:

“Today more than ever, delivery applications are present in people's daily lives. Partnerships like this show that we are continuing with our mission to allow bitcoins to be used in any transaction, all with safety and practicality. ”

In addition to ease of use, those who shop with Bitcoin will still have a discount. 4% discount will be granted on all orders on iFood. At Evino, the discount will be 6%.

The two companies commented on the partnership. Evino pointed out that the measure aims to help spread cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in Brazil.

“We know that payments using Bitcoins still have very limited penetration in Brazil. There are still few establishments, e-commerce and delivery apps that allow transactions through digital currencies. The partnership with Bitfy was the way we found to accelerate the use of these coins for the purchase of wines ”, says Ari Gorenstein, co-CEO of Evino.

Paula Rabelo, head of iFood Empresas, added with her statement:

“Through Bifty, the user can convert their digital currencies into balances in the iFood wallet and have a complete experience within the app. He can use this balance for any delivery purchase in more than 212,000 restaurants and markets in more than 1,000 cities. ”

The purchase option is already released in the Bitfy application. Just update your wallet or download it, available for Android and iOS devices.

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