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"I lost R $ 600 thousand," said a client of LBLV, a company that is being accused of scamming several Brazilian investors. The deal counts on the help of Ronaldinho Gaúcho, poster boy who a few days ago shared the video in which he appears saying “we will train you to win”.

According to the client, who asked not to be identified, he saw an ad on Facebook and registered on the platform – which was banned from operating in Brazil by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). That was when his story of losses and more losses began. According to his account and so many others, the company endorsed by Ronaldinho is a trap.

In fact, trap is a word that was also used in the recent case of Ronaldinho, who is in prison in Paraguay. Together with his brother, Assisi, he was accused of carrying a false passport.

In addition, the ex-soccer star has issues with the Brazilian courts, whether in tax evasion or involvement with financial pyramids.

Manipulation of the LBLV

LBLV says it offers trading in foreign currencies, gold, indices, stocks and commodities. The fact is that reports to the Bitcoin Portal (also found on the LBLV Online Facebook page), are almost identical.

According to the client, last year he saw an advertisement for the company on Facebook and signed up to learn about the business.

“They called me and offered guidance on the financial market for $ 100. I deposited it. Then an analyst did some transactions with me and we made like $ 50 dollars in two days ”, she reported.

The phone numbers, he said, are "masked", as if they were calling from Australia.

According to him, the operator – who presented himself with codenames; now Luíza Tavares, now Paula Campos – started talking about market possibilities.

“We were already talking at least half an hour a day, every day. I gained confidence in the operations and in it ”, he said.

Until one day, she proposed to him a contract of US $ 50 thousand (about R $ 230 thousand), referring to an IPO of a large company and which at the launch would give 10% of profit.

“And it really worked. She gave me a contract to withdraw 20% of the profit and I really withdrew in the first month and in the second as well ”, he said, revealing that his account reached R $ 1.2 million (about US $ 250 thousand).

However, after these two withdrawals, the operator started making transactions that became negative, as it was not possible to operate with a stop loss.

“When they saw that I started to win, they started pre-market operations to negate the account. They said that if I closed it I wouldn't draw because I had to have positive statistics. Everything is a lie, ”he said.

Extortion and fear of losing

After the probable manipulation of the company in which Ronaldinho Gaúcho is a poster boy, extortions came:

“My account almost broke and the extortion started. She said that if I didn't deposit more money the account would break and that if I closed the negative transactions I would not be able to withdraw ”.

Already in despair, the client said that he continued with the deposits in order to try to recover his losses through other contracts that the operator said to forecast profits, but everything was in vain.

Their efforts only served to supply the alleged fraudulent business.

“In July, they started to limit withdrawals. They opened up pre-market positions in companies that were negative US $ 70 thousand (about R $ 300 thousand) ”, he said.

Result: he deposited about R $ 600 thousand (US $ 142 thousand) intermediated by “Santos e Rabelo Consultoria”, which is located in the city of Gravatá in Pernambuco, and ended up losing almost all money.

“Today I have US $ 7 thousand there. The last withdrawal I made was US $ 750. They continue to act as if nothing is happening, ”he said.

How LBLV works

Although the LBLV promises to “make it easy for you to move into the world of online trading”, reports of how it works in practice are quite different. On January 15, a Facebook user posted the following:

“They use IP masks and telephony to make calls and do not reveal their real location, they use fake names and photos on Telegram. A legitimate company would not have to hide its employees' faces and names. Don't fall into that trap! ”.

Playback / Facebook

In December, another user posted:

“They make you deposit small amounts and show a very good profit to deceive you. Then they make you deposit larger amounts and that's where the problem begins ”.

Playback / Facebook

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