The price of Bitcoin has recently been in free fall. After reaching a peak around € 63,000 two weeks ago, it has now fallen below € 50,000. It looks like the Bitcoin bull run episode is about to end.

So how can you make your Bitcoins grow by tripling or even quadrupling your earnings without running the risks of trading in a very volatile market?

ArbiSmart, an automated crypto arbitrage platform licensed in Europe provides you with the solution! Its native token, the RBIS, has already seen its price explode by 350% since its introduction two years ago.

Let's find out why some hedge funds, investment firms and retail investors are turning to crypto-arbitrage and ArbiSmart in particular for their crypto investment. Additionally, let's take a look at why market professionals agree that the price of the RBIS token is expected to rise sharply.

The value of the RBIS token today and tomorrow

The growth potential of a token depends on the solution implemented by the company that created that token. The offering must match a specific market need and provide a high quality solution or service that operates smoothly and reliably while pushing the boundaries of technology.

The RBIS token subscribes to all of these criteria. Let's first take a look at what crypto arbitrage is and how it works. In addition, let's find out how ArbiSmart, with its software using artificial intelligence, is helping to develop the field of crypto.

Crypto arbitrage is an investment strategy that involves low risk. This strategy allows you to benefit from the speed and profitability of a traditional crypto investment without exposing you to the risks associated with the volatility of the crypto market. For these reasons, crypto arbitrage is increasingly used by financial institutions, businesses and individuals.

Crypto arbitrage aims to exploit price differences between exchanges. For a few minutes, a crypto can appear simultaneously on different exchanges at a different price.

ArbiSmart's intelligent algorithm tracks 35 exchanges 24/7. He thus studies hundreds of coins simultaneously in order to unearth opportunities conducive to crypto arbitrage. When the system detects an opportunity, it instantly buys the coin on the lowest price exchange and resells it on the lowest price exchange. In this way, the system is able to create added value before the market readjusts the price differences.

The platform can handle a large volume of transactions simultaneously, ensuring regular passive income from 10.8% and up to 45% per year, depending on the amount invested.

Sign up and fund your account with fiat or crypto. Then the platform does the rest. Once you have deposited your funds, your capital is converted into RBIS for use by Arbismart's algorithmic crypto arbitrage system. You can withdraw your funds at any time, directly to your account in euros or pounds sterling, or to your crypto wallet in ETH, BTC or USDT.

In addition to its role on the crypto arbitrage platform Arbismart, the RBIS token will expand its scope of applications to the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2021, with the launch of several new financial products and services under European license, such as the next wallet paid from the company.

Access multiple sources of income

The ArbiSmart platform offers regular returns that are guaranteed in advance. Before you invest a single cent, you can know exactly how much you will earn from crypto arbitrage trading, per month and per year, depending on the amount of your investment. Everything is indicated in advance on the ArbiSmart Accounts page.

In addition to profits that can reach 45% per year from crypto arbitrage, you will also receive interest on these gains, as well as an increase in your capital linked to the growing value of the native token.

Not only has the RBIS price already fallen from € 1 to € 3.5 in just two years, but analysts predict the token price will reach more than 20 times its current value by the end of 2021.

The main factors that determine the growth of RBIS

So what makes RBIS such an investment with such lucrative potential?

Firstly, ArbiSmart has experienced 150% annual growth and its popularity continues to increase. The company will continue to expand its reputation internationally and will add a series of new licensed crypto products and services in the second half of 2021. The value of its native token will therefore continue to increase. In addition, you should know that the total amount of RBIS tokens that can be created is capped at 450 million. As demand increases, supply decreases, causing prices to rise.

However, the most important growth factor for the RBIS token is the fact that it is currently in the process of being listed. In the coming months, the token will be available on the exchanges, which will boost its price.

Another factor to take into account is that unlike BTC, with RBIS a stock market crash will not take away all of your gains, as crypto arbitrage is not vulnerable to the volatility of the crypto market. ArbiSmart can still generate regular profits thanks to the differences between exchanges, whether the trend is up or down. This makes it a great refuge opportunity from a falling market and ensures that the value of RBIS continues to rise.

What remains for you to do

The ArbiSmart crypto arbitrage platform has demonstrated that it is a low risk crypto investing strategy that generates exceptional returns and requires no effort. The popularity of the platform continues to increase and its native token offers real viable profitability over the long term.

As we have seen, the RBIS is experiencing a steady rise and the token is likely to peak this year, as soon as it becomes available on the exchanges. In the meantime, now is the time to take action.

Those who joined Arbismart since its inception in 2019 have benefited from the fact that since then the value of RBIS has more than tripled. Do you feel like you've missed a golden opportunity with Bitcoin? This time, don't miss your chance. Start investing now!


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