Do you know how to buy a Bitcoin?

I am giving you a simple and quick step by step that will clear all your doubts about how to buy and start participating in the evolution of money.

1. The first thing is to go to a brokerage website, a company that specializes in selling crypto. In the video I even indicate one that I trust.

2. Make your registration!

3. Along with your registration, you will need to send a photo of some documents. These documents will be analyzed by the Compliance department, a specialized team that checks if you are a real person, or if you are using the documents of others. Don't forget to send good quality photos!

4. Deposit your money into the account to buy your Bitcoins. Click on “Deposit”. Always make the deposit with your account, with your CPF, because the system will require it from you.

5. When the money is available, it's time to buy! You can buy in two different order types:

5.1. Type Market (to market): executes the amount of Bitcoins with the market price. Interesting for low value purchases.

5.2. Type Limit: you set the amount you want to pay in Bitcoin and your purchase order will be listed in the order book. In that case, you expect your order to be executed by the market.

6. Using the Market type, I don't have to worry if the purchase price is small. Make an approximate calculation of how many Bitcoins are equal to the amount you want to spend, enter the amount and press buy.

7. If you want to see your purchase orders, select the "Executed Orders" tab.

Ready. Simple and fast. You don't have to be afraid to buy Bitcoin.

Your money and a reliable broker is all you need!

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