As we reported earlier, banks were sending their employees to bunkers, and the practice of “Home Office ” was suggested as a preventive measure for many Brazilian companies.

In addition to the offices operating virtually, the most universities in the country they are suspending their classes until further notice, in an attempt to mitigate the proliferation of the disease.

But quarantine is not a vacation: Besides wash your hands often, especially when touching areas such as cell phone screens or door handles, the best recommendation is really stay at home.

And in the face of a great world economic recession, it is better to prevent any perrengue. Why not take the time at home to try to earn more money?

NOTE: The text was produced by Yan Heiji, in collaboration with the writers Guaraci Neto and Gustavo Marinho.

What are my options for extra income at home?

  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Write texts and earn Bitcoin Cash
  • Making videos on Youtube
  • Online classes and general freelance
  • Earn by Buying
  • Affiliating with websites and products
  • Use “cryptocurrency taps”

OPTION 1: Cryptocurrency Trading

If you are already more experienced in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies, understand how exchanges and market movements work, you can consider making money by buying and selling crypto.

The Brazilian exchange Foxbit has Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple as asset options, in addition to the dollar-backed token TrueUSD, which can serve as hedge, depending on your strategy.

If you don't want to take too much risk on daytrade you can do the Bitcoin hold: buying it at low prices and waiting until its value goes up; so you can resell them at higher prices and make a profit.

It is worth mentioning that this option of making money has great risks, since the cryptocurrency market is very volatile. If your time is not to be able to take losses, read the next options, certainly safer, to make money at home office.

OPTION 2: Write texts (“Home Office”?) And earn Bitcoin Cash

Another option is the Read.Cash, which is a “social network for the dissemination of articles”, very similar to Medium, but with a crucial difference: instead of clap, you receive Bitcoin Cash.

It is very simple, when a reader likes your content (text with images and videos), he can donate coins for a digital wallet. You donate in the quotation Bitcoin Cash to US Dollars Rates, so keep in mind that the price of BCH can vary greatly within a few hours when thinking about it.

Of course, we must highlight two important factors: the Brazilian community (Portuguese – Brazil) is too small, so it is highly recommended that you know and produce in English, to expand your options.

Second, know that is a project too young, appearing in October last year, only. There are, allegedly, several bugs and many failed operations, because of that.

OPTION 3: Make videos on Youtube

And then, you are the person who always wanted to create a YouTube channel. Talk about video games, economics, movies, culture, or maybe even putting it all together in one channel! But never had time courage to start …

Why not use this month, which will possibly be entirely dedicated to quarantine, and take the opportunity to start these “practically-startups” as your own channel?

Of course, development is painful, strenuously slow and complex: edit videos, make thumbnails, write scripts. What camera am I going to use? Where do I put it? And the lighting?

But know that EVERYONE learns by making mistakes at least once. It is the famous “the lamp went wrong 1001 times, before it really lit”. If you never try, you'll never get it right either.

(Ironically), I found a perfect video out there that explains, IN ENGLISH, as a content creator for video games (specifically Rainbow Six: Siege) makes money.

In it, the youtuber VarsityGaming explains your channel finances: length of videos, application of advertisements manually, number of views, demonetization for “inappropriate content”, something often abused by users and YouTube itself, among many other useful information.

(embed) (/ embed)

In addition to YouTube, he explains how he makes money on the streaming platform

Once again, it must be made explicit that depending on your subject of interest, the Brazilian public is smaller that if you produced in English. Don't force yourself to use slurred English, but keep that in mind.

OPTION 4: Online and general freelance classes

A very viable option for some, especially professionals such as teachers, tutors and the like, is to distance learning. With this, in addition to guaranteeing safety and making transportation costs cheaper, you have flexibility in schedules.

There are places for everything like that on the internet: Udemy, for example, allows you to create and take courses online, in addition to partnering with CoinGoBack, a Cashback service (see option 5, below).

Other very interesting sites are the SuperProf it's the Owl, which allow teachers and students to take private lessons online. Very simple and practical, isn't it?

You can even use sites like Fiverr, dedicated to Freelance Services, to offer classes (from chemistry to video game coaching!) or other services (such as designing company logos or editing YouTube videos, for example). Keep in mind that the site only works in English, German and Spanish.

OPTION 5: Win by Buying

Now if you don't want to do anything and continue in your quarantine by shopping and living normally, the best option is the CoinGoBack cashback program.

With thousands of stores and full of coupons, the site gives you many promotions and discounts, allowing each purchase made a part of the money to be returned in Bitcoin, Nano or Reais.

The best thing about CoinGoBack is that you can start investing in cryptocurrencies without taking any chances.

Staying working from home office and still earning with your purchases is wonderful, who would have thought that this would be possible.

OPTION 6: Affiliate with sites and products

This option is especially interesting for those who have many followers on social networks.

Affiliate programs pay you to become a virtual seller. That is, it gives you a percentage of each sale made.

It is very simple to become a salesperson and the variety of products is huge. For example, if you like cryptocurrencies, the report “Cointimes Research 01 | Bitcoin ”is perfect for starting your sales.

Now just register with Hotmart's affiliate program, create a marketing strategy and sell. Simple, isn't it? But avoid spam, it hinders your sales.

OPTION 7: Use “cryptocurrency taps"

Well, for those who want to test the technology of cryptocurrencies and are broke, a great option is to use “digital toners”.

These "digital taps" are commonly known as faucets. In them, it is possible to withdraw a number of cryptocurrencies according to some rules. There are several taps for different projects, such as Bitcoin, Nano, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

There are so many that we list the best in the post “Earning free cryptocurrencies with faucets”, it is very worthwhile to go through the article and leave it in the favorites.

This won't make you rich, but while you don't do anything at home, focusing on these activities can be better than wasting time on Instagram.

But don't forget to follow Cointimes on Instagram for more relevant content like this. We also have a Facebook group, get in there to interact with our writers and others fascinated by technology, cryptocurrencies and finance.

"Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat", or “Luck Favors the Courageous”. If you never try, you will not know if it will work.

Latin proverb


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