With the ambition of being a benchmark player in digital services, Atupri is opening up to crypto-currencies. The Swiss insurer now accepts payments made in Bitcoin and Ether. A first in Switzerland.

The Swiss authorities aim to make the country a "crypto-nation", that is, an economy welcoming to blockchain and cryptocurrency investors. And traditional businesses also have a role to play.

Historical health insurer with 110 years of existence, Atupri is not a player in the crypto ecosystem. However, he remains open to these new digital assets. The insurance company will thus take over payments in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Ether, solutions from a digital service provider

The 200,000 clients of the Swiss insurer now have the option of settling in Bitcoin or in Ether, the electronic currency of the Ethereum blockchain. This innovation allows Atupri to claim a pioneering role in the Swiss insurance market.

To offer this new service to its policyholders, the company has entered into a partnership with a leading national player in the cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Suisse. For Atupri, however, the ambition goes beyond just these crypto-assets.

“We are constantly investing in new technologies and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology. We are thus speeding up the processes for the benefit of our customers ”underlines its marketing and sales director, Caroline Meli.

By accepting Bitcoin and Ether, the health insurance company believes it confirms "its claim to be a leading provider of innovative digital solutions in the health sector and to open up new perspectives. "

The leader also insists on the growing importance of blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies in insurance, and more broadly.

Founded in 1910 as a health insurance fund for the Swiss Federal Railways, Atupri is now one of the largest health insurers in the country. In 2019, the company was recording $ 885 million in bonuses.


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