Grayscale is a well-known fund manager that included cryptocurrencies. Since then, it has attracted a lot of attention from digital currency enthusiasts.

In addition to Bitcoin, the manager still has funds with seven different cryptocurrencies.

Now, through a press release, Grayscale has revealed that it is considering creating new products around 23 different cryptocurrencies.

Grayscale goes with everything

In the statement, Grayscale does not say that the products will necessarily be funds. Furthermore, it also does not guarantee that all 23 cryptocurrencies on the list will win new products.

The decision, according to the company, aims to "meet the growing demand from investors for exposure to digital assets". Note that Grayscale is responsible for a lot of institutional capital present in the cryptocurrency market.

Thus, it is possible that great figures have requested a diversification in the exposure to the manager.

The new cryptocurrencies include Uniswap, Polkadot, Chainlink, Cardano, Aave, Synthetix and other different projects. The complete list can be checked below:

List of cryptocurrencies in the sights of Grayscale. Source: press release

The company's CEO, Michael Sonnenshein, said he is “looking forward to expanding Grayscale's products”.

He adds that the manager is constantly watching the market to find new opportunities to satisfy investors.

Sonnenshein still adds by stating about the possibility that not all of the above projects will win products:

“It is possible that we will not transform each of the above assets into investment products. However, as a company that is at the forefront of connecting the old financial system with the new system led by digital currencies, we see it as our responsibility to introduce investors to greater diversity in this space. ”

The lack of guarantee that all cryptocurrencies will receive their own products has, in part, to do with regulatory concerns.

The statement highlights the internal control carried out by Grayscale, which involves caution with custody, consideration of profitability and regulatory considerations.

In this way, only the time and the due attention of the manager will tell which of the crypto products on the list will win products – and possibly gain a boost in their quotes.

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