Grayscale Investments’ November report – titled The Metaverse, Web 3.0 Virtual Cloud Economies – was totally dedicated to the Metaverse. The company stated that this market could move up to US$ 1 trillion in the coming years.

Prepared by analysts David Grider and Matt Maximo, the document explores the sector and suggests the creation of an “interconnected cryptoeconomy”.

In nominal terms, the report cites platforms that registered strong growth in 2021, such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. Given the current stage of market value, Metaverse platforms can grow up to 37 times in value.

“The total market value of the main Metaverse networks is $27.5 billion. However, this figure is negligible compared to Facebook’s $900 billion, the $2 trillion gaming industry, and the $14.8 trillion capacity of Web 2.0 companies. And all these companies are developing platforms to engage in the Metaverse,” the report said.

In this sense, advertising and social commerce platforms can together absorb around 80% of that capital. In other words, token trading – one of the main markets within the Metaverse – and integration with advertisements.

metaverse and games

Researchers note a number of important dynamics that could significantly contribute to the Metaverse’s growth. For example, games are one of the main Metaverse applications today, and data shows that this market continues to grow.

According to the report, Generation Z youth spend an average of 40 minutes a day playing games. However, this number goes up to five hours when it comes to social media. In addition, generations have gone through a cultural shift, moving from premium games to free games and Web 3.0, which make it possible to play while earning money.

The rise of this incentive means that playing time tends to grow over the years. Currently, the gaming sector had income from $180 billion with “premium spending” in 2020. For 2025, the sector could reach $400 billion by 2025, driven mainly by the procurement model.

“Metaverse’s virtual worlds benefited from rapid gains in innovation and productivity. Crypto Virtual Worlds has created a primary and secondary market of several million asset creators and owners, eliminating capital controls and opening its digital borders to free market capitalism,” says the report.

These changes, of course, are reflected in the prices of native tokens for Metaverse platforms. The biggest highlights, as mentioned at the beginning, were the Descentraland (mana) and The Sandbox (SAND) tokens, with weekly gains of 49% and 102%, respectively.

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