The Ministry of Planning enlisted last eleventh the Company of Technology and Information of the Welfare (Dataprev) to give administration of access to information of the approved system Blockchain of the IRS.

As indicated by the production made on Monday (16) in the Official Gazette, the agreement, which is as of now as a result, will at that point be substantial for one year. The aggregate sum of the agreement was R $ 1,994,866.34.

The agreement, be that as it may, was made without offering. This happened on the grounds that it is a PC administration the lawful substance of household open law to be given by element that incorporates the Public Administration, that is, the Dataprev.

As per Law 8.666/93 (offering law), this is an uncommon instance of waiver acquired a rundown of craftsmanship. 24

Dataprev, an open organization connected to the Ministry of Economy, is answerable for handling other government social information.

As per contract proclamation no. 7/2019 – UASG 201057, Datapreve should give get to administrations to the CPF’s enrollment information through the Blockchain organize, approved by the IRS. This entrance will at that point be available to the bodies and elements of the Information Technology Resource Management System (SISP), as set out in the distribution.

Dataprev has been getting ready to work with Blockchain since a month ago. This employing came after the Brazilian government called Blockchain Academy to give preparing on Dataprev’s server innovation.

Blockchain Academy was employed a month ago for $ 49,000 to give “blockchain engineering and plan of action preparing” at the substance’s offices in Rio de Janeiro.

By note sent to the Bitcoin Portal, the Blockchain instruction organization had revealed at the time that the course included “from nuts and bolts to specialized determinations in Hyperledger” to satisfy Dataprev’s need.

Blockchain and the IRS

In November 2018, Dataprev mutually created with the IRS an innovation based data trade framework for the CPF enlistment base.

This venture was then made conceivable through Ordinance No. 1,788, of November 19, 2018, which corrected RFB Ordinance No. 1,639, of November 22, 2016, which sets up systems for the accessibility of information managed in Decree No. 8,789, from June 29, 2016.

This standard, in any case, has experienced a few changes after some time. The latest happened in August of this current year, in which it was stipulated that the IRS will be an establishing individual from this permissionary arrange in Blockchain, being answerable for its creation, definitions and approval to join different bodies.

In the month preceding this choice, the legislature had verified that immediate, nearby and fundamental Federal Public Administration bodies and elements from any degree of government will approach IRS information through blockchain systems.


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