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Galaxies, the first Latam gamer employability startup, raises BRL 4 million with Airborne Ventures, OTF Capital and GV Angels


Galaxies, the first gamer employability platform in Latin America, has just received a contribution of US$750 thousand (R$ 4 million reais). Led by Airborne Ventures and OTF Capital, Venture Builder specializing in e-sports, in addition to a group of Angels and Advisors from FGV, GVAngels, and the market, the investment contributes to the expansion of the platform, and, even more, with the game market.

The startup was born with the aim of providing support to electronic game teams and professionals in this universe. In addition to connecting those with job opportunities with good professionals in the sector, strengthening the e-sports market, Galaxies also offers relevant training on its digital platform.

“Our solution, which is already open for access in Beta version, was designed to create an ecosystem in the gamer world and help anyone who wants to work in this universe. For this, our platform aims to solve pains in this sector such as: the lack of training, professionalization and support for organizations, but not in a traditional way. We are going to do all this in a different way, which has not yet been available on the market: everything will be gamified” explains Daniel Victorino, founder and CEO of Galaxies.

To perform the above services, the entrepreneur says that Galaxies is based on two pillars that differentiate it: technology – which improves the performance of the teams’ operation, generating scalability at different stages of their life cycle, in addition to allowing talent management end-to-end – and education, which aims to empower people to create employment opportunities and develop the gaming market.

“Through our innovative technology, we will help organizations manage their business, support the continuous growth of the gaming ecosystem, the performance of organizations’ operations, generating scalability at different stages of their lifecycle and also help the other end to develop: that of people who dream of making a career as professional video game players. This part will receive full support through our courses and workshops with themes also focused on socio-emotional skills”, explained Daniel.

Born in São Paulo, but currently living in London, the businessman, who has been a gamer for more than two decades, enters a market that grows exponentially, countering the economic crisis experienced by traditional sectors. According to the consultancy Newzoo, specialized in e-sports, the global gaming industry moved in 2021 almost $176 billion dollars. By 2023, the prospect is that this amount will reach US$200 billion.

One of the driving forces behind the e-sports market has been the evolution of digital transformation. Victorino says that he opted for a 100% remote model and to practice innovation in the Galaxies culture. “We decided to work with the team spread around the world, without a physical office. So we can have great talents in the team and we don’t have space limitations”.

Powered by games like Fortnite, by Epic Games, with more than 350 million users worldwide, among other titles with thousands of fans, such as FIFA, LOL, CS:GO, NBA, F1 and Rainbow Six, the e-commerce market -sports grew 14.5% in 2021, compared to 2020 – the year the Covid-19 pandemic began.

“It is not today that the Games industry has been standing out, we have excellent cases such as Valve, Epic, Blizzard, not to mention the blockbusters with Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft. As a good gamer, I have closely followed this evolution since the early 90s and saw how the industry has transformed.”, commented Eduardo Kupper, portfolio manager at Airborne Ventures. Airborne Ventures is an Early Stage VC of operators, led by professionals who decided to come together to bring to the market years of experience as Institutional Investors and as a serial entrepreneur.

“We went from a simpler, offline solitary player model to a more collaborative, online and quite complex model. And it is in this second model that we see that Galaxies fits in, to help organize and bring more structure, allowing players to get the most out of the ecosystem.”, concludes Eduardo.

The high potential in the medium term and technological advances were some of the reasons that led GVAngels to invest in Galaxies, as highlighted by Wlado Teixeira, Executive Director of the angel investor network. “Galaxies is part of a very promising sector that has many possibilities for growth, that is, it is a great investment opportunity for GVAngels and the other funds that accompany us in this round. In 2021, a year considered unstable for the economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Brazilian game industry earned US$2.3 billion. With the arrival of 5G and advances in technology, the sector still has a lot of room to grow, as it is on the rise”, analyzed Wlado.

“We met Daniel in the midst of the explosion of blockchain games and the NFTs market in mid-2021 and early on we were struck by his differentiated and deep understanding of the possible paths for the transition of the games market from Web2 to Web3 . In this context, infrastructure and education are lacking for the main players – that is why we see Galaxies as a great connector that will accelerate new business and possibilities in the world of games, whether via traditional means, working with publishers and game devs on Web2 or doing the onboard new players in the reality of cryptogames”, explains Pedro Oliveira, co-founder of Outfield.

“The gaming sector in Brazil is very vast and Galaxies’ proposal, to bring education and professionalization to thousands of Brazilians, so that they can compete at a high level and have their own organizations, is quite innovative for the market”, explains Robinson. Dantas, co-founder of Gorila Invest.

“I strongly believe in the idea of ​​Galaxies to combine the education sector with the games sector. This will provide opportunities for game organizations in Brazil to become even more professional,” says Ivan Kako, co-founder of The 4 Winds Entertainment.

About Airborne Ventures

Airborne Ventures is an Early Stage VC of operators, led by professionals who decided to come together to bring to the market years of experience as an institutional investor and as a serial entrepreneur. At Airborne, the experience of more than BRL 500 million invested in more than 70 companies from different sectors and at different stages, combined with the experience of those who have already gone through the complete cycle from the garage to the IPO on Nasdaq is available to the investees.

We bring the vision of the entrepreneur who became an investor and the investor who became an entrepreneur to help companies face the challenges from the beginning of the journey.

About GVAngels

GVAngels is a group of angel investors formed by former FGV students. Since its foundation in April 2017, FGV’s network of 310 alumni has invested more than BRL 45 million in 46 startups with high growth potential and scale, in Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition to the financial contribution, investee companies receive access to Smart Money from C-Level executives and successful entrepreneurs, who make up the group of GV Angels investor members. The group has already made investments in several segments, such as martechs, fintechs, agtechs, healthtechs, and startups from several other sectors of activity, which make a relevant contribution to the modernization of the Brazilian economy.

The group stands out for having one of the fastest startup selection and evaluation processes in the ecosystem, without losing the high quality in the analysis of registered startups. After the startup presentation forums, the selected startups are informed of the members’ interest in investing in them. The process of due diligence, contract issuance, and release of the financial contribution takes approximately 45 days.

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