There are many reasons why more and more workers, especially young people, prefer to be self-employed. Freedom and flexibility, income potential -and in dollars-, diversity of projects, possibility of professional and personal development are some of them.

Paula Varak , IT Recruiter specialized in Relocation confirms: “The boom was in 2020 and today it is already a clear trend, especially in Argentina, where there is a lot of specialized talent, many English speakers and a convenient time zone, especially for the North American market. In addition to the advantages of being able to charge in dollars, euros or crypto.”

But “not everything is rosy”, and when making the decision on a professional path, the disadvantages must be carefully analyzed.

The B side of the Freelancer – service exporter:

1- Be disciplined:  One of the freelancers’ arguments is “not having a boss.” While this is true, the reality is that there will also be as many bosses as there are clients. And furthermore, there is one that can be worse: oneself. That is why it is very important to maintain order and discipline in schedules and objectives, because otherwise there is a risk of “not arriving” or on the contrary “never cutting”.

2- Your fee is not your net income:  You must carefully investigate what expenses you should cover on your own (retirement, contributions, personal and family prepaid, bank expenses, accounting fees, etc.) to be able to clearly define how much you want or should charge.

It is also important to keep in mind that there will be other personal expenses that each person must assume, such as: notebook, cell phone, mobile phone, electricity, connection costs.

3- Vacations and bonuses:  An independent worker must know that he will have to negotiate with his clients the possibility of taking vacation days and not providing service. Or, she must have a replacement. He will not receive bonuses, bonuses, or Christmas cash either.

4- Learn about accounting to know how to bill and collect:  Since we do not have a human resources department that opens an account for us and deposits our salary monthly, it is important to get advice and learn the various ways to be able to collect from abroad. Today, Argentine service exporters can take advantage of the mechanism of depositing foreign currency in a local account for a maximum of US$ 12,000 per calendar year without requirements to settle in pesos to the official.

Those who exceed this amount, and do not want to deal with the stocks, high taxes, withholdings, have various platforms that facilitate collection abroad. But great care must be taken when choosing and operating since in recent months, several of them suffered account closures due to massive openings or even fishing cases due to data theft, as was the case of Payoneer, whose users received SMS simulated and had their accounts emptied.

Bitwage  is a pioneer and leading platform for payment of fees in cryptocurrencies or digital dollars most chosen by service exporters, which turns 10 this year. Its specialization is to provide freelancers with the best alternative to collect their fees, a great solution for countries like Argentina, which is the second largest market in the world for this American company. “Argentines, for the most part, choose to receive in stable currency – USDT and USDC are the preferred ones – part of it to their bank account in pesos at a free dollar value to have the money for their daily expenses and the rest in digital dollar in a decentralized wallet to treasure value,” says Argentine Ramiro Raposo, who is VP of Growth at this company based in San Francisco.

5- Your salary is not fixed:  Knowing how to deal with the uncertainty that there will be seasons when it is difficult to find clients is part of this decision. Part of the job is also looking for new clients.

6- The legislation will not favor you: The current legislation does not protect the self-employed in cases of labor abuses, abrupt cuts in the relationship, nor are there compensation systems. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to access credit, loans or even rent.

“Many of the freelancers who charge in cryptocurrencies do not declare 100% of their income because they are not obliged to do so, because they charge in kind. But although this brings them a tax benefit, they cannot access housing due to lack of justification. The whitening proposed by the omnibus law could be an opportunity for these workers to be able to justify the purchase of a car or a property,” says Varak.


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