The e-commerce giant Mercado Livre announced on Wednesday (28) that it has opened an exclusive section for property owners who accept bitcoin as a form of payment. According to a press release, the offers, valid only for cities in Argentina, follow a trend in the real estate industry generated by the boom in cryptocurrencies in recent times.

The offers are valid for properties registered in the cities of Santa Fé and Córdoba, and for the province of Greater Buenos Aires, including the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. According to Mercado Livre, the new section already has 75 properties from seven real estate agents that accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment for apartments, houses, land, among others.

Also according to the note, the company also offered a webinar on the new payment method. The event, which took place on Wednesday morning, was attended by around 300 real estate agents and professionals in the sector. The objective, explains the note, was to exemplify the different existing cryptocurrencies, the operation of blockchain technology and its application in the real estate sector.

Bitcoin offers multiple advantages, says Free Market manager

Based on this initiative, Mercado Livre said, 7 real estate agents added their offer to the new section. "It is expected that more will be added as the days go by," said the note, which also explained how the user can buy through the new method.

"The process for the buyer is very simple: choose the property of your choice, currently published in dollars, contact the real estate agent and let them know that you are going to make the transaction in Bitcoins at the exchange rate of the day".

For Juan Manuel Carretero, sales manager at Mercado Livre, bitcoin offers multiple advantages for real estate transactions, both for the buyer and the seller. "We are always attentive to the changes that occur in the market", commented in the note, adding:

"We expect much more as the days go by, because even though this is far from becoming fashionable, we see that it is a trend that is consolidating over time", he concluded.


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