Anyone who has known the bitcoin market for a few years should remember a bonus of 2, 5 or even 10 reais that Foxbit gave to the client when registering his account. The first thing that many, including myself, did at the brokerage was to use the small bonus to buy some satoshis (smallest bitcoin unit).

From R $ 2 to R $ 99 with Foxbit

Today, with cryptocurrency reaching its highest price in reais, exceeding 6 digits, these previously insignificant numbers already amount to a large distributed sum. One of the broker's users reported that his R $ 2.00 is already equivalent to R $ 99.00 after 4 years.

I was not as lucky as those who bought bitcoin in the beginning of 2016, but my R $ 2.00 multiplied and are now worth 31 reais – an increase of about 1470%.

However, Foxbit did not only give bonuses on balance to new customers. Bitcoin cards were delivered at lectures, events and other occasions. They had a QR Code that would direct the person to a page where they would get some satoshis for their personal wallet.

Sarah Winter won Foxbit satoshi units with Raphael Lima, from Ideias Radicais

According to a report by a former exchange employee, employees who stood out at work used to earn some occasionally as well.

50 million in bitcoins distributed, Foxbit regrets?

In all, more than R $ 50,000,000.00 was distributed between gift and bonus cards on the exchange. We spoke with Foxbit's CEO, João Canhada, about this impressive number.

And the first question that comes to mind is whether he regretted distributing so many bitcoins and the answer could not differ:

“Obviously not (I regret it), we did a lot for our market and many people learned about these bonuses to trade, transfer, etc. The number of entrepreneurs who today have their lives dedicated to cryptography and have learned from the Foxbit bonus, in addition to clients who have achieved financial independence is enormous. ”

On the contrary, Canhada says he is proud of the work done over 6 years at Foxbit.

“I'm really proud of what we did”

How to get free bitcoins today?

With bitcoin valuing so much, it is increasingly difficult to find someone distributing the cryptocurrency out there. However, we have discovered 3 methods for you to acquire bitcoin for free:

  • Earning free cryptocurrencies with faucets: One of the oldest methods, in it you can earn fractions of bitcoin and other digital assets.
  • Bitcoin cashback: In this method you can earn money back by using Coingoback in your online purchases.
  • Using the Bitfy wallet: The first Brazilian bitcoin wallet is distributing more than R $ 22 thousand in bitcoins and other prizes, it is worth checking out.

Are you going to stay out this time? You don't even have to buy bitcoin to have it, just a little will.

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