The president of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), Marcelo Barbosa, said on Thursday (3) that he sees no problems in increasing the number of influencers disseminating financial content on social networks.

For him, it is a positive thing. Barbosa argues that financial education is a form of investor defense.

The President of the Commission also welcomes the increase in the number of retail investors on the stock exchange.

Financial education must be expanded

Although the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) are monitoring the action of influencers in finance on the internet, Barbosa says that financial education should be expanded.

He stressed, however, that the CVM must investigate the content reported:

“I don't see negatively the fact that more people are spreading content. Financial education is the first line of defense for investors and it should be expanded. From our side of the regulator, it is up to us to investigate the reports of supposedly wrong information being propagated ”, said Barbosa in a live promoted by Valor Econômico.

The CVM president also said that he hopes that the wave of new investors on the stock exchange is not temporary. According to him, the growth of the capital market is positive:

“It is very good that the capital market is growing, I hope it is a consolidated and not a passing trend, the interest rate tends to remain low and financial education continues to increase. All of this is favorable to the entry of more and more people into the stock exchange, ”he said.

New investors need security

Barbosa also reinforced that the almost 3 million new investors need to be sure about what they are doing. In addition, they need to know their own investor profile:

“It is important to invest in the dissemination of quality content. Companies and market entities need to understand that there is a change in the shareholder base, and they need to find the best way to communicate with these investors. There is a need for initiatives in this direction ”, he emphasized.

On the other hand, managers, according to Barbosa, need to carry out the monitoring and supervision of those who manifest themselves in the networks talking about capital markets, in topics that draw attention.

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