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A security breach in the BB Previdência platform of Banco do Brasil exposed on Wednesday (06) the personal and financial data of 153 thousand policyholders. According to Olhar Digital, the bank reported that it has already removed the page from the air to correct the problem.

According to the website, the flaw was discovered by a person who made the report anonymously. As detailed, it was possible to have access to personal data of BB Previdência participants, in addition to editing and registering beneficiaries. This, according to him, with only one link.

Among the leaked data reported by the report, in addition to the name, address, CPF and telephone number, it was also possible to see the values ​​available in the accounts.

For that, says the website, it was enough to have the link of any BB Previdência account and to replace randomly the participant's sequential number.

Banco do Brasil was informed

After the complaint, Banco do Brasil sought. According to the report, the bank reported that the platform is new and that there have been only 400 hits since its launch 20 days ago.

It also confirmed that BB Previdência maintains 46 pension plans with 153 thousand participants and that the failure did not result in any improper transfer.

As he explained, the page was created to register the beneficiary in case of death, that is, to indicate who gets the pension.

And even so, BB said to the website, "it will still be necessary to present documents such as death certificates, personal documents of the beneficiaries and, if applicable, judicial decisions regarding the estate".

Regarding the vulnerability in the system, Olhar Digital received the following response:

"BB Previdência is a subsidiary of the institution, which has administrative independence and maintains its own, independent website, systems and technology teams from Banco do Brasil".

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