One of the CryptoMarket group’s commitments for the year 2023 is the appointment of María Fernanda Juppet Ewing as the new CEO of CryptoMarket, a Chilean financial technology company and one of the leading digital asset platforms in the region.

In an industry that is known for having a low degree of female participation, Juppet thus becomes the first woman to assume the position of CEO of an exchange in the Latin American market and the company one of the most diverse with a larger female workforce. at 37%. 

In her new position, the lawyer who previously served as Legal Manager and Director of Global Regulation and Compliance, will seek to lead the regional growth strategy of the platform that has been in the market for seven years, along with promoting the use of digital assets. as a means of payment and investment in the five countries where the platform is present today: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

This appointment is part of CryptoMarket‘s strategic plan , aimed at consolidation in the market, from a global perspective, inspired by the principles of inclusion and gender approach. “Our objective is to position ourselves as a sustainable company, capable of offering more people access and connection to a new financial system that is inclusive and decentralized.

We want users in the region to learn about the advantages of using digital assets in their daily lives”, stated the new CEO.

María Fernanda Juppet is a lawyer, LL.M (University of California, Berkeley), MBA (University of Valencia) and PhD in Business (Cass Europe). She has worked as an adviser on corporate matters, management and university teaching in various houses of study.

She worked as Commissioner of the National Accreditation Commission. She is a specialist in Corporate Law and has stood out as a columnist in various print and digital media. She has published five books in areas of her specialty, including “Principles of Business Administration” (2010) and “Compliance: Overview from a criminal and commercial perspective” (2019), in addition to participating in more than 40 academic articles.

Strategic objectives in Argentina

María Fernanda Juppet declared: “I am very motivated with this new challenge in CryptoMarket. The goal now is to work together with the Argentine team in the implementation of strategies aimed at creating spaces for financial inclusion for those groups that have not been able to participate in this ecosystem. For this reason, our work will be oriented so that every day more Argentines can access the cryptocurrency market and the advantages of blockchain technology, in an agile and secure way, ”she said.

In fact, more and more people are encouraged to enter the world of the “new economy” and the latest data from Americas Market Intelligence demonstrate this.

This report places Argentina among the countries with the highest adoption in the region . Between 15% and 18% of Latin American adults had purchased cryptocurrencies by the end of 2022, a group in which Argentines (17%) stood out compared to smaller percentages of Colombians and Brazilians (14%), Mexicans (9%), Chileans (8%) and Peruvians (7%).

“As a company we have been present in Argentina since 2017 and we know the importance of this market in the adoption of digital assets. Today we have an offer of more than 50 cryptocurrencies and the lowest trading fees in the market, in addition to many tools available to users.

For this reason, during the coming months we will focus on reaching more people in Argentina and making them part of the advantages not only of CryptoMarket, but of the digital finance system as a whole”, Jupet added.

In this regard, Rafael Meruane, co-founder of CryptoMarket and member of the board of directors, reaffirmed the appointment of Fernanda Juppet as a key step in the growth of the company, which since its inception has sought to make a difference within the fintech offer available in the region. .

“As a fintech platform, we constantly implement changes to contribute to the development of innovation and financial security. In this context, the appointment of our new CEO is in line with the strategy of incorporating diverse perspectives in the region and specifying a greater presence of women in the corporate leadership of the Group”, she expressed.


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