After weeks of walking sideways, Ethereum (ETH) finally broke through $ 1,600 and confirmed the breakdown of the historic top.

Do you want to know what to expect from this asset after this move and how to prepare for a big rise that may be coming?

Check out today's analysis!

Daily Chart

We will start our analysis by the daily chart where we can clearly see Ethereum making a strong break from consolidation and also the OBV indicator that shows the strength of a given movement indicating that the break was strong and we probably will not have a relevant drop anytime soon in this asset:

Daily Chart (D)

4 hour chart

If you are out of this movement, watch out for any price correction between $ 1,450 and $ 1,550, which is where we have short-term support:

Graph 4h (4H)
Graph 4h (4H)

Weekly Chart

Now with the strong break from the historic top on the weekly chart with a buying force candle formed. We can expect Ether between $ 2,000 and $ 2,200 over the next few weeks and in the event of a strong correction be aware of the LTA formed by funds 1 and 2 on the weekly chart:

Weekly Chart (W)
Weekly Chart (W)

My expectation is to see a movement up to US $ 2,000 – US $ 2,200 and then a correction back to US $ 1,300 to buy this asset again at a good price in relation to its market moment:

Weekly Chart (W)
Weekly Chart (W)

Ethereum and Bitcoin

It is also worth mentioning that the ETH / BTC has been showing a strong trend reversal in the last few months and could go up to 0.07 – 0.08 Bitcoins which would be more than 50% high which would bring the ETH / USDT to US $ 2,300:

ETH / BTC chart
ETH / BTC Weekly Chart

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