Mani Thawani has become one of the most influential cryptocurrency investment icons in Spain.

A surprising story that does not go unnoticed: a complicated childhood, no opportunity to study and working from a very young age.

His life took a 360 degree turn when Bitcoin crossed his path and caused a change in life at all levels, not only professionally but also economically, personally and in his philosophy of life.

Thanks to this change in life and being aware of how bad many families may be going through at the moment, a few days ago Mani launched an initiative to help the most vulnerable.

He has opened a public wallet (a digital wallet) to raise funds and make a donation to the Food Bank of Tenerife.

In order to reach more people, Mani is running a campaign on his social networks so that everyone who wants to can contribute their bit.

He starts the donation with his first contribution of $ 20,000 dollars and promises to donate $ 1 more for each person who shares the publication, receiving support from people like Georgina Rodríguez or the Barcelona player Riqui Puig. (It’s already going for about $ 40,000…).

For anyone who wants to help, the donation is available until December 29 so if you also want to contribute, do not hesitate and collaborate. To be able to donate, click on this link.

Once again, Mani Thawani never ceases to amaze us by doing everything possible to achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and giving them tangible and real uses.

His first steps were in 2015 as a Bitcoin investor and as an entrepreneur in the sector. It was in 2019 in Tenerife when he created Mundo Crypto, a company dedicated 100% to the world of training in the cryptocurrency and digital assets market.

Currently, Mundo Crypto is the largest cryptocurrency academy in Spain with more than 40,000 students.

But Mani has not stopped there, he has continued to undertake in the cryptocurrency sector where he has already opened several businesses, a tax consultancy where they have exclusive clients, a boutique marketing agency developing communication strategies and brand plans for different brands of cryptocurrencies, the next launch of a purely digital press focused on offering information and specialized knowledge 100% in cryptocurrencies, a metaverse wanting to compete with Facebook itself.

Thanks to all this expansion, the holding company has offices in Madrid, Dubai and more than 100 employees in different brands. An entrepreneurial career focused on a new era of digital assets.

We could continue talking about its international expansion and all future plans but we would like to share with you the initiative it is carrying out again.

He wants to help people and families in need through the donation he is sharing on his social networks. Through the digital wallet the coverage is greater and in this way, little by little, a massive adoption is being achieved in a sector where Mani has his vision and all his businesses.


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