The NGO “Mi Primer Bitcoin” published a free book this week to learn a little more about the largest-cap cryptocurrency on the market, aiming to promote the teaching of blockchain technologies in schools.

The book called “Diploma in Bitcoin” is part of a compendium with different contents for study in secondary schools in El Salvador.

Upon completion of the course, participating students must take an exam that they must pass in order to add Bitcoin training to their curriculum.

Under the book’s licenses, anyone can download a copy of the text for free and distribute it on a non-profit basis, which could mean greater distribution of the content.

community support

To date, more than 400 people have made various contributions and donations for the book to be published, indicating a strong interest and support for publishing educational blockchain content.

In the project it is envisaged that the Bitcoin diploma will not be exclusive to the public education system of El Salvador to overcome international barriers.

However, the project developers reported that in order to complete these plans, it is necessary to raise more resources to allow a considerable expansion of the project.

Joint effort of several authors

The creation of the “Bitcoin Diploma” is the result of the joint effort of several authors:

  • Dalia Platt.
  • Gloriana Solano.
  • Raul Guirola.
  • Robert Malka.

One of the biggest difficulties for the mass adoption of blockchain technology is education in new technologies, for this reason the initiative of projects like “Bitcoin Diploma” could help to overcome this type of barriers.

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