El Salvador came into the spotlight after the adoption of the Bitcoin Law, which made Bitcoin the country’s official currency. With it, companies based in the country are required to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

After this announcement, the government of Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, began a campaign to attract investors and companies interested in setting up their tax domicile or opening a business in the country. In Brazil, there is already a hub that makes this connection between the two countries to facilitate business opening negotiations, for example. “The tax incentives, as well as the internal procedures, are very attractive”, explains Paula Gaspary, a lawyer specializing in blockchain, who is in charge of the hub.

To further promote this initiative, youtuber Rodrix Digital, with the government of El Salvador, will organize the El Salvador Connect entourage, which aims to bring an exclusive group of 20 people, including entrepreneurs, investors, influencers and journalists, as well as people interested in knowing a little more about opening a business in El Salvador, obtaining a passport, applying for citizenship, as well as getting to know the entire ecosystem of the country.

The delegation, which will be welcomed by the country’s vice president, Félix Ulloa Jr, and deputy Dania Gonzalez, Participants can arrive between October 1 and 2 in El Salvador and the event starts from October 3 to October 7 October. Among the appointments scheduled are:

– Visit to the Congress – where the Bitcoin Law was passed;

– Visit to the Reserve Bank – to understand how Bitcoin is being implemented in the country’s economy;

– Meeting with the ambassador of El Salvador to the USA, Milena Mayorga;

– Visit to immigration to learn about the visa and citizenship process;

– Visit to the Ministry of Commerce to understand the procedures of opening a business in the country;

– Visit to the Ministry of Tourism, which will take us to Bitcoin City, Volcano and Bitcoin Beach.

“The top Bitcoin and Blockchain opportunities are emerging every moment. El Salvador took the lead with this bold initiative to implement actions with this technology throughout the country. This will set the country on its way to becoming the next Dubai in Latin America in the next 20 or 30 years.”

On August 21, at 8 pm, Rodrix Digital will do a live on YouTube with Representative Dania Gonzalez to talk about El Salvador Connect and all the news in the country. See here https://youtu.be/a-oG-ah8vzE.

To participate in the Entourage to El Salvador, it is necessary to register on the Rodrix Digital website and check the package options available.

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