There are many ways to earn passive income from crypto, but many are very risky, especially for people who have little experience in the markets.

However, ArbiSmart, an automated crypto arbitrage platform opens the door to large gains at low risk.

How to generate earnings?

ArbiSmart uses an algorithm that takes advantage of price differences. It happens that a cryptocurrency is temporarily available at different prices simultaneously. The platform automatically scans 35 exchanges 24/7 in order to spot price differences on hundreds of cryptocurrencies – In a few seconds, the platform buys the coin on the exchange which offers it at the cheapest for sale and the sells on the exchange which lists it at the most expensive to buy.

As an ArbiSmart customer, you simply have to register, deposit funds in fiat or crypto and the platform takes over. It converts your funds into RBIS, ArbiSmart's native token, for crypto arbitrage. Withdrawals can be made at any time in EUR, GBP, BTC, ETH or USDT.

The main advantage with this form of investing is that it allows you to generate safe and regular monthly income even if market conditions suddenly change. Price differentials exist whether the price of Bitcoin rises or falls which makes ArbiSmart a great refuge from a very volatile market.

How much money can you make in a month?

ArbiSmart generates guaranteed passive income through crypto arbitrage. The earnings range from 0.9% to 3.75% per month (10.8% to 45% per year) according to our account page depending on the amount of your investment.

For example, to earn $ 5,000 per month, you need to deposit $ 150,000. In addition to the earnings from crypto arbitrage, you can earn compound interest.

Another source of income for ArbiSmart customers comes from the savings account. If you deposit funds in a blocked account for a certain period of time, you can earn 1% per day with the highest account level.

In addition, your earnings are also boosted by the amount value of the RBIS token. Since its introduction two years ago, the price of the token has already risen 450% and analysts' projections envisage a price multiplying by 40 by 2023.

What about in the long run?

One of the reasons for the good forecast for the RBIS token is the growing popularity of the ArbiSmart platform. In 2020, the platform had a growth of 150% and since then the number of customers continues to increase.

As demand increases, the number of tokens in circulation is limited with a total number of RBIS set at 450 million. In addition, developments are currently underway. In the third and fourth quarter of 2021, the ArbiSmart platform will implement a series of improvements and new features will be added such as a paid fiat or crypto wallet. In early 2022, ArbiSmart will add a mobile application, a yield farming program and a crypto credit card. All of these factors mean that the price of RBIS should continue to rise, making it a great investment in the long run.

In addition, in the fourth quarter, the RBIS token will be listed. At that point, if you want to use the services of RBIS, you will have to buy the token from other owners on an exchange. Given the profitability of RBIS, its owners will not want to sell it.

Are your crypto secure?

ArbiSmart strictly adheres to the highest regulatory requirements, which reduces risks. ArbiSmart is a licensed European platform, which means that it is subject to regular external audits. It has secure software and client capital protections while implementing identity checks and anti-money laundering protocols.

ArbiSmart ticks all the boxes as a secure, lucrative crypto investment solution. Not only do you earn income with crypto arbitrage but you also make your money work by collecting interest on your capital. In addition, ArbiSmart offers a perfect solution to protect your assets in the fall of the market and has a native token that is about to take off.

Are you ready to make money with RBIS? Buy it now.


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