After ending its operations with multilevel marketing on December 31, 2019 and subsequently blocking the withdrawals from the platform due to an alleged audit, publications began to emerge in different media that DD Corporation will continue with its multilevel marketing activities through E-Volve platform.

E-Volve is said to be advised by the president of DD Corporation, Leonardo Araújo, and will remunerate its investors in euros – but only on the first amount invested. The rest of the amounts invested will only generate points for the binary bonus. Regarding the fixed gains on the investment, these are from 5% to 7%, according to the company.

Minimum 50 euros to enter

The new platform that apparently has a strong connection with DD Corporation, since several sources cite a relationship between the company's leaders and E-Volve. In fact, in a YouTube video published on the channel “Vivendo de Bitcoin”, the author of the video migrates in real time his “chain of associates” present in DD Corporation to E-Volve.

The video also reveals that the minimum membership fee is 50 euros. The author of the video calls E-Volve a “new journey”, leaving the question up as to whether he plans to leave DD Corporation, or whether he will be affiliated with both platforms.

The company's proposal, according to its official website, is to be a "tool to create and multiply cryptocurrencies, protect digital assets" and "provide access to financing worldwide". It looks like a very vague business model, without giving more details.

In another video, from the Rafael Silvestre channel, it refers to E-Volve as:

“The company that DD Corporation leaders have adopted to work with multilevel marketing. […] Everything that was good at DD Corporation will have that company too, with something even better. ”

In a text published on Medium, Silvestre states that the platform belongs to an “Italian”, which is why remuneration and deposits are made in euros. In a search for the domain, CriptoFácil found that the identity of the person responsible for the registration is hidden by the Domains By Proxy service. Domains By Proxy "offers domain privacy services through partner domain registrars", as described in its services.

Thus, it remains to wait for the company's services to unfold to better understand its real relationship with DD Corporation.

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