Dynasty is a company that was born in Switzerland and came to the market as an alternative for financial operations in the real estate sector. Combining the security that blockchain technology brings to the market with an opportunity for innovation for the segment, the company now launches its own crypto: the D¥Ns.

The tokens have a very innovative purpose and promise to be references when it comes to high-end real estate business. Thus, they emerge as a form of payment whose acceptance is totally globalized. However, for this, it is necessary that it differentiates itself from other competing coins. And the homework, in the case of Dynasty, was done with mastery.

Crypto comes to the solid real estate market offering differentials. The first of them, we could not fail to mention, is the freedom that blockchain technology provides. Without intermediaries, it is possible to make transactions in a totally secure, fast, encrypted, discreet and confidential way. Furthermore, it is possible to make crypto travel across the world without having to pay high brokerage fees. Thus, it aims and hits the nail on the head in a global market. And, increasingly demanding, it does so with complete transparency in all its transactions.

Like other cryptos, D¥Ns have a capped amount of 21 million to stake. So, being a scarce crypto, it holds well the law of supply and demand. The smaller the amount of the token in circulation, the greater the upward trend. In this way, whether mediating purchases of high-end real estate, or serving as a digital financial market, the novelty comes at the right time for the crypto asset market, which is guaranteed by the buy-back and burn technology.

Technology and innovation at the service of the financial and real estate market. It is precisely in the name of this that Dynasty was born

D¥Ns tokens are fully based on the Ethereum blockchain network. Proven safe and attested by the crypto market, in general, through its ability to create and manage smart contracts, crypto is born in a safe environment. In this way, by joining these differentials to your real estate reference, the currency becomes a more profitable investment.

With properties in different parts of the world, especially in large financial centers and rented by triple A customers, the currency has, in itself, an ancillary income.

Thus, Dynasty itself manages its market. From his earnings, he studies and looks for ways to acquire his crypto in his secondary market at good times. Once purchased, the tokens undergo burning. Thus, we have a greater scarcity of assets in the market, which, in turn, causes an increase in the value of those already acquired by their holders.

In this way, the company itself seeks a more active management of its own economy, acting as a supervisor of the tokens, even though they are already on the market. Thus, we have an even more promising currency as a result.

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