An initiative of the Federal District government will allocate R $ 10 million to solutions focused on digital health, innovation projects, services and digital technological products, such as blockchain technology, big data, Virtual Reality and Machine Learning.

The action aims to tackle Covid-19 and the consequences of the pandemic in different areas of knowledge, through the development of digital health projects in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of coronavirus.

To this end, a service order was signed on Tuesday, May 5, which will start the agreement between the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SECTI), through the Research Support Foundation (FAP-DF) , and Fiocruz Brasília.

According to an article by Agência Brasília, this agreement is part of a set of priority actions by the Federal District Government. These actions aim to accelerate the development of therapies and diagnostics to combat the pandemic. In addition, it aims to incorporate the application of new technologies to the permanent structure of the health system to “minimize damage from future health emergencies”.

The expectation of the agreement is to reach digital technologies for diagnosis, treatment, prevention (telehealth, digital pathology) and to train health care and management professionals so that they can work in a digitalized health system.

The agreement also provides for the creation of a cooperative network of science and technology in the DF digital health chain that will be focused on the development of technological research to deal with infectious diseases. Another objective of the agreement is to expand the general diagnostic capacity of the Health Department.

Fiocruz Expertise

For the execution of the agreement, Fiocruz will use its expertise as a reference for Public Health in Brazil and in the world, as informed by the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SECTI). As a science and technology agency of the Ministry of Health, Fiocruz operates in clinical, epidemiological and biological, human and social science studies.

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