Art Blocks is more than an NFT collection. It is a platform that sells unique and programmable generative art. How about we understand better what it is?

What is generative art?

It is a genre of art created using random factors so that each NFT is unique and autonomously created. In this way, the artists create the style of the collection, the colors and shapes, or the “blocks” if you prefer. Finally, each purchase orders infinite possibilities to create a unique piece. At creation time, the client interacts with a generative script and the result is an unpredictable, randomly generated work of art.

October 1, 2021 was when the sales of the first generative arts by the artists of Art Blocks took place. Then, on October 6th, Art Blocks announced on twitter that they had raised $6 million and would continue the project. Since then we have releases all the time by many different artists, and anyone can release theirs. Their releases took place on ArtBlocks’ own website and their NFTs are released on the Ethereum network.


Art Blocks was created by the artists: Snowfro, Tyler Hobbs, Bryan Brinkman, Dmitri Cherniak, Kjetil Golid and luxpris, however ‍Erik Calderon aka Snowfro was already accumulating some cryptopunks when he decided to create the project.

Types of Art Blocks

Curated – Since this is the main one, Art Blocks releases it “on a regular date”. Only a few selected artists have arrived so far. According to their website, “Art Blocks has established a board of curators to carefully select projects for inclusion. In this way, the collection became arts that go beyond the limits of Generative Art in its technical innovation and aesthetic beauty.”

Playground – It is a less formal space for experimentation, artists previously included in the curated collection can play and do whatever they want. An artist can only launch a Playground project after a curated project. Second, only one project per artist can be active in the Playground at a time and must be completed before another can be launched in the Playground. Additionally, there is “a two-month lead time between deploying projects in the Playground collection.”

Factory – It’s a free-for-all space, any artist can submit their art and Art Blocks do the verification to post. So for artists who didn’t necessarily participate in The Curated Collection.

According to the website, “The Factory Collection includes projects selected directly by Art Blocks and highlights our standards of technical quality and artistic beauty.” Then factory artists will be required to sell their entire project before releasing anything else on the platform. They will also have a two-month cool-down between projects on the platform.

Collections released

  • Chromie Squiggles, Snowfro
  • Fidenza, Tyler Hobbs
  • Bryan Brinkman, Nimbuds
  • Dmitri Cherniak, Ringers
  • Kjetil Golid, Archetype
  • luxpris, Elevated Deconstructions
  • Singularity, Hideki Tsukamoto
  • Skulptuur, Piter Pasma
  • Trossets, Anna Carrera

These are the main collections and with slightly higher prices, however the project has hundreds of collections from different artists, the project has become a space for artists to launch their project. With prices ranging from 100ETH on the most influential collections to even 10 USD, some collections by smaller or more recent artists.

How to buy an Art Blocks

Finally we will understand how to acquire your first generative art from Art Blocks

Art Blocks NFT in their releases are incredibly competitive. So it is It’s important to understand how the process works before trying to buy yours.

  1. install the wallet digital MetaMask.
  2. Connect to your MetaMask and visit open projects in Art Blocks.
  3. if the project is open and still there is bookmarks at seriesa button Purchase will appear🇧🇷
  4. Once the artwork is purchased with ETH, the site submits its art unique generative in its Wallet🇧🇷


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