Mastercard's business and startups mentoring program, Start Path, selected four more fintechs.

Start Path facilitates companies' access to partners and customers around the world. The selected startups will have access to all Mastercard partners and customers. In the future, they may even receive investments in rounds of participation.

It is part of the global Mastercard Accelerate initiative, which still has Fintechs Express under its umbrella. This program helps partners to expand their businesses and conquer international markets.

Finally, there is the “developers”, a set of technological tools for fintechs to develop their payment solutions.

"As we continue to experience the dramatic shift towards digital payments, there has never been a more exciting time to help emerging brands grow and expand their businesses – supporting their programs today and providing what we know they will need in the coming decades," says Kiki del Valle, Senior Vice President, Mastercard LAC Digital Partnerships.

Brazilian bank on blockchain is chosen

Among the four new Start Path companies, the highlight goes to Bit Capital. The Brazilian company that offers an open bank platform based on blockchain.

The bank allows customers to deliver their own digital financial products safely and quickly.

In addition to Bit Capital, three more companies were chosen in the program:

  • Aper: the company enables the creation of e-commerce markets, allowing large companies to enter a new market and protect themselves from fintechs and technological disruptors;
  • Finerio Connect: the first end-to-end programming interface for open personal finance and banking management applications in Latin America. It enables fintechs and financial institutions to create personalized and fast solutions;
  • Juvo: analyzes data from the mobile network to build financial identities for 68% of adults worldwide who do not have

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