The crypto world continues to grow internationally and especially the region is consolidating itself as a market with advanced consumers as well as a talent hub that provides solutions to the ecosystem at a global level. The development of the so-called Web 3.0 offers an internet built on blockchain networks, which enables the exchange of values ​​freely without an entity that centralizes it and more inclusive payment systems, but which in turn will continue to provide more and more solutions. innovative. “A change in the global financial system is imminent. Soon, it will not matter where each person was born, access to universal currencies, through a cell phone, without bureaucratic barriers and with low shipping costs is already possible. And it’s going to reshape the economy as we know it. By force, it will contribute to a more democratic and just world. That change is being led from here: Latin America. From Defiant we come to accompany and make this change easier”, explains Celina Nieman, CO-CEO of Defiant. In this context Defiant, the self-custodial wallet, which in less than a year grew by 400% and went from 4 members to form a team of 20 professionals, turns 2 years old and celebrates it with the relaunch of its website and its wallet to through a renewed user experience (UX) and interface (UI) that is friendlier, faster and more intuitive, so that more and more people from the #GenerationD can use the benefits that this ecosystem brings in an easy and safe way.
The startup was founded in March 2020 in the midst of a pandemic and today it already has more than 12,000 users and a presence in more than 170 countries. During 2021, Defiant added the support of new and prominent investors such as Matterscale, Newtopia, Xeibo and Monday Capital and is preparing for a new seed round during 2022. They also incorporated new blockchains: BNB, Polygon, Fantom, Celo and Avalanche, to which traditional Bitcoin, Ethereum and RSK. And soon Solana and Terra will be added.


The reason for the success of this development is possibly due to 3 key trends in the crypto world for 2022, to which Defiant provides a solution: 1- Consolidation of Generation D: During this year, decentralized projects will gain prominence among users who are already operating in the crypto world. The security and privacy offered by non-custodial products will be the turning point for users in a scenario that poses regulations. This will consolidate the so-called Generation D (decentralized) which will also provide financial solutions in a more democratic manner. 2- NFTs boom: If last year NFTs (non-fungible tokens) were the novelty in the world of art, entertainment and gaming, during 2022 they will become the most desired crypto asset and the gateway to the crypto ecosystem for thousands of new users. The collectible power of these unique pieces will acquire new dimensions of use and even loan. In this sense, Defiant already allows Poap, Open Sea, Rarible and Watafan NFTs to be displayed in the wallet of its users. 3- Peer to peer will become unstoppable: Along with the democratization trend, P2P will add millions of transactions around the world by allowing holders of crypto assets to carry out exchanges without intermediaries but safely. In this sense, Defiant plans to launch a P2P marketplace in 2022 to continue offering solutions to the ecosystem, to mention that it will be the first of its kind or similar, to give this product a little more prominence. Click to download the Defiant wallet for Android and iOS

About Defiant

Defiant is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies from the Bitcoin, Ethereum, RSK, BNB, Polygon, Fantom, Celo and Avalanche ecosystems. It has an integrated P2P marketplace, where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using an encrypted chat. It is self-custodial and anonymous, safeguarding the privacy of users at all times. More information: Twitter: Defiant’s YouTube


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