With the 2nd payment for the transfer of former Cruzeiro Ederson to Atalanta, the Cruzeiro Token totals R$813 thousand in transfers in the last 6 months.

The steering wheel Ederson can already be considered the top scorer of Cruzeiro Token. On Thursday, the 1st, the 3rd distribution related to the athlete takes place. This time referring to the 2nd installment of his transfer from Salernitana to the also Italian Atalanta.

Investors with Cruzeiro Token in their Bitybank, Bitypreço or Liqi wallets will participate in the distribution of R$158,996.49, scheduled for 01/06. With another 4 payments to take place regarding this same transfer, approximately R$900 thousand (€165,896) should be distributed among CRZO holders in the next few months, with this transaction alone.

The distribution is proportional to the amount of CRZO tokens held in the investors’ portfolios, this time R$0.20 is paid for each token. 02 per token. Evaluated at R$13.93 at the time this article is written, the CRZO returns 7.32% so far, approximately 1.22% per month since the first transfer, in December 2022.

“Now that we’ve had more than 5 payouts, people can better visualize the value of the token. And that value is shared between the club, the athletes, the technology and, obviously, the investors” said the CEO of Liqi Digital Assets, fintech responsible for issuing the tokens.

With more than 200 athletes in the Cruzeiro Token basket, all transactions involving players formed by the club’s youth categories transfer part of the negotiated amounts to CRZO holders.

For Ney Pimenta, CEO of Bitybank and Bitypreço platforms, “with this excellent performance so far, in addition to another 4 years ahead, Cruzeiro Token has been proving to be an excellent opportunity for investors and fans.”

How it works?

Payments take place through the FIFA Solidarity Mechanism, which rewards clubs that funded a player at the start of his career. This is the case of Cruzeiro, with more than 200 athletes participating in the basket.

In this way, whoever buys Cruzeiro Token has access to a part of the percentage that the club receives for each negotiation of a player formed by him until the athlete’s 23 years old, from his second transfer after leaving Cruzeiro.


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