Pakistani criminals took two hostages and stole over R $ 200 thousand reais from European tourists, understand how this happened and learn how to protect yourself.

In the midst of cryptocurrencies it is very important to keep your private keys safe, use only reliable applications and be careful not to fall into any type of ponzi or pyramid scheme. But this should not be the only concern of those who own cryptocurrencies, as physical thefts can be as effective as hacks.

A Swiss and a German visiting Pakistan on business were taken hostage at gunpoint by three criminals who sought to steal their crypts. In total, more than R $ 200 thousand in cryptocurrencies were taken.

The assailants invited tourists to “get to know the city” and to listen to an investment proposal, however, the story was just one of an ambush.

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Two men were arrested and one remains at large, but there were no details on whether the money was recovered.

How to protect yourself?

At that point, cryptocurrencies have a huge advantage over gold, jewelry and paper money. This is because it is relatively easy for someone to take physical goods from you, whether you are alive or dead.

However, with bitcoin it is still possible for physical thefts to occur, despite being slightly more difficult. It is possible that they steal the computer or device that stores their keys, or even that there are threats for the owner of the coins to reveal the keys that give access to the funds.

To avoid such concerns, it is not recommended to carry out transactions in person, always seeking to have a trusted intermediary or solutions that do not require trust between the parties, such as atomic swap, which allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.

It is also important to keep your possessions confidential so as not to attract attention. Wallets with multiple signatures, where more than one key is needed to access funds, can be a good option depending on needs, especially to avoid the theft of cryptocurrencies belonging to many people allocated in a single wallet, as is common is exchanges and investment funds.

If this remains a concern, see more tips in the article "Meet the $ 5 attack that can go away with your bitcoins forever".


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