Credminer is a company that promised stratospheric gains to its investors. Such gains, according to the company, were earned through cryptocurrency mining.

However, since 2019, the company has not paid the promised yields. Even an alleged cryptocurrency, called LQX, was launched as a plan to reimburse customers.

As you might expect, she was accused of delivering a coup. Dissatisfied with the course of criticism, Credminer made a request for urgent relief against Facebook. The objective was to take down four publications made by the “Rei das Finanças” profile of the social network.

“One more cheap shot”

The King of Finance's publications, according to Credminer in its initial petition, are “sensationalist, defamatory and untrue”. Still in the document, the company states that the same profile published on YouTube, one of them entitled “CREDMINER MAIS UM GOLPEZINHO BARATO ALERT”.

The video mentioned above, as well as another one also published by the King of Finance, was previously removed – also at the request of Credminer.

In one of the points, he criticizes Credminer:

“In the case of the case, the images themselves were not enough to show their defamatory, slanderous and sensational character, seeking to correlate the AUTHORS to a supposed blow that is not even the object of investigation, even reaching the absurdity of naming the AUTHORS as criminals, without any administrative or judicial proceedings. ”

Instagram posts, now offline but joined in the process, feature photos of Credminer members. In publications, they are called “+1 criminal in the network”, even asking in one of the publications:

“Was it a gang? Credminer / liquidex / wehpm scams on the network scammers over 20 years on the alert network (sic) ”

Credminer order accepted

Based on the publications, Credminer urgently requested the removal of the content from the air. The judge of the 25th Civil Court of the District of São Paulo / SP, Guilherme Ferfoglia Gomes Dias, considered the request to be plausible:

“For these reasons, I PARTIALLY DEFY the request for emergency relief to determine that the defendant (i) remove from its platform the virtual posts listed in the URLs listed on page 34, item I, of the request, and (ii) store all the necessary information for the identification of those responsible for the publications mentioned in the initial petition until the final solution of the process, even if the periods provided for in articles 13 and 15 of Law 12.965 / 14 are exceeded. ”

"The business went bankrupt"

Credminer has not paid its customers since December 2019, the same month in which it reported the launch of LQX, its cryptocurrency in order to settle debts with customers.

Antônio Silva, president of the company, gave an interview to the Cointelegraph Brasil portal in February this year. In the interview, Silva admits that the deal went bankrupt:

“Credminer lost the six bank accounts we had. I have all the documents to prove it. But that was not all, as I told you, the mining model failed. The difficulty of mining Bitcoin has increased every day, mining has ceased to be a profitable business along the lines that Credminer had set up. ”

It is important to note that LQX, the currency created by Credminer, is quoted at R $ 0.16 on the Cointrade exchange.

Thus, whoever owned Bitcoins with the company and was paid with LQX, will receive a considerable amount – and questionable liquidity – from Credminer's cryptocurrency.

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