Vinteum, a non-profit Bitcoin research and development center, is accepting applications for a program that will help university students in Brazil prepare to participate in the Summer of Bitcoin, an international and online internship program focused on introducing university students Bitcoin open source software development.

Inspired by the Google Summer of Code (GSOC), the Summer of Bitcoin had, in its second edition, 72 students from all over the world contributing with 29 Bitcoin projects, such as Bitcoin Core itself, LND, Core-Lightning, Breez, libsecp256k1, among others. Registration for the 2023 edition is open and Vinteum’s program aims to help Brazilian students prepare to have a better chance of being selected (click here).

In the previous edition, two Brazilians participated in the program. According to the press release, the expectation of Lucas Ferreira, executive director of Vinteum, is that with the preparatory program, the participation of students from Brazil will increase.

Davidson Souza, one of the Brazilians who participated in the 2022 edition, explained that after enrolling in the Summer of Bitcoin, students undergo a screening and those selected need to submit a proposal based on project ideas published by different organizations. Each of these proposals is analyzed by mentors from each organization and only one student is selected to work on each of these ideas. The selected student works on the project for three months and receives a grant of US$ 3,000.

difficulty levels

Project ideas are easy, intermediate, or difficult, so Computer Science (or related majors) students in any grade can participate. Souza chose a difficult project and one that involved the Golang and Rust languages, but there are also projects focused on Javascript, C++, among other languages.

After participating in the program, Davidson continued to contribute full-time to an open source Bitcoin project, remunerated from a Vinteum grant.

Registration for Vinteum’s preparatory program will be open until February 15th and can be done through the organization’s website. After applying, the selected students will have a month and a half to work on their proposals together with the Vinteum team and, in parallel, will study technical materials on how Bitcoin works and on the different projects they can dedicate themselves to in the future. Summer of Bitcoin 2023.


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