ConsenSys announced on March 30 a partnership with one of Japan's largest technology groups, Hitachi Group, with the aim of boosting the business use of Ethereum in the Japanese market through PegaSys Plus. According to the statement, along with the Hyperledger Foundation, ConsenSys is also considering conducting research and development together with Hitachi on commercial blockchain-based projects.

In the announcement, ConsenSys said that Hitachi Solutions and Hitachi already have customers who want to perform proof of concept and develop projects on Ethereum, although they already use solutions based on the Hyperledger Fabric. Thus, through the partnership they started to test the ETH blockchain using PegaSys Plus

"Hitachi Solutions and ConsenSys will collaborate to provide comprehensive services and solutions for decentralized applications on PegaSys Plus, including the introduction, development, operations and customer education of proof of concept (PoCs)," says the statement.

Customers will be able to use PegaSys in a variety of fields, including financial services, healthcare, supply chain, logistics and retail. The PegaSys customer will also provide additional business features, such as security configuration, real-time event streaming, advanced monitoring and database encryption.

"The joint program will provide customers with a variety of end-to-end solutions, be it education, training, proof of concept or production of cross-use cases, which will use PegaSys", concluded the statement noting that ConsenSys has become a premium member of the Hyperledger project in September last year.

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