CriptoFácil has already reported on Bitcoin mining with video cards, with old computers and even with a gameboy. But now something even more “revolutionary” has arrived. It is now possible to mine BTC using a backpack.

The solution was developed by the company Braiins and presented at Bitcoin Mining Disrupt 2022. The equipment consists of an ASIC miner, a power source, an internet connection and a screen to monitor the activity status. With all this, the backpack weighs around 15 kilos.

However, the backpack is not an efficient item for mining Bitcoin. After all, walking around with the equipment can damage the processing unit.

Also, carrying a BTC miner on your back does not help the equipment in mining itself. According to Braiins, the backpack was just a marketing gimmick to show that Braiins miners “don’t waste time”.

Miners keep advancing

Brains marketing showed that BTC mining continues to rise despite the bear market. At the same conference where the backpack “paraded”, Bitfarms launched the second phase of operations at “El bunker”.

As the company highlighted, the expansion phase 2 of the company’s installation in Argentina will have more than 9,450 ASICs. In addition, an extra capacity of 18 MW of electrical energy, totaling 36 MW, was also built.

Bitfarms estimates that with phase two, the Bunker can deliver 848 PH/s hash rate. With all of Phase 2 complete, the company aims to have an income of 16 Bitcoins per day.

On the other hand, the company estimates that, at the end of phase 3, another 12 MW of electricity will be added. These equipment will power 3,250 new ASICs to mine BTC, with a capacity of 325 PH/S. This phase should be completed by the end of next year.

“Completing Phase 2 of the El Bunker expansion is a strategic milestone that helped increase our hash rate to 3.8 EH/s. This represents an increase of 5.5% since the beginning of July,” said Geoff Morphy, president and CEO of Bitfarm operations.

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