Civil Police agents concluded on Monday (23) a training to, among other things, learn to identify and block cryptography in the scope of the fight against corruption.

The training was another edition of the international criminal training course. The training is aimed at civil police officers stationed in anti-corruption stations and in units to fight organized crime.

Now, with these 33 recent graduates, 141 agents are already qualified for this type of action.

About training

The training was provided by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security through its Department of Asset Recovery and International Legal Cooperation (DRCI) and the Directorate of Operations of the Secretariat of Integrated Operations (Diop / Seopi).

According to Estadão, the course is part of the Grotius Brasil Program instituted in 2010. The initiative aims to expand the knowledge of Brazilian authorities on international legal cooperation.

About the training, the director of the DRCI, Silvia Amélia Fonseca de Oliveira.

“The objective is to qualify these professionals so that they are effectively better able to carry out their missions. Giving conditions and knowledge to the police brings benefits to the whole society. ”

Cryptocurrency identification and blocking

In training, agents learned about the skills of the DRCI and aspects of international legal cooperation. Besides that, the activities of the Federal Police as a representative of Interpol in Brazil were highlighted.

Finally, as mentioned, the identification and blocking of crypto assets was one of the cases addressed in the course.

More specifically, the agents learned strategies for international police cooperation to assist various types of crimes.

Among them, cyber crimes, arrest of international fugitives, identification and blocking of cryptography and human trafficking.

"The DRCI has, among its attributions, to be a point of contact for several international cooperation networks, providing a more direct and quick communication between the authorities, in order to solve problems encountered when carrying out the due diligence", said the general coordinator of International Legal Cooperation of the DRCI, Frederico Skora Lieberrenz.

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