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An investigation by the São Paulo civil police found that the criminal faction Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) is suspected of using a Bitcoin brokerage based on the coast of São Paulo, in the city of Santos, to launder money from drug trafficking, as Band information.

The report does not mention the name of the company. It says only that the cryptocurrency broker is undergoing judicial recovery (RJ) and had received more than R $ 300 million from customers. The value would be the result of a financial pyramid scheme using Bitcoin.

The scenario described by the article is reminiscent of that of BWA Brasil, which was based in Santos (SP) and is suspected of a financial pyramid scheme with cryptocurrencies. BWA before filing for bankruptcy had also left debt at around R $ 300 million.

Bitcoin scheme

The police were reportedly frightened by the investor relationship of the suspected cryptocurrency company. In the list there is only a high-value investment made by lawyers, businessmen and politicians.

The point, however, is that among customers the police found names of suspected drug traffickers. The investigation stated that there are volumes of applications incompatible with the income of certain people.

Police said they had yet to ascertain whether, in fact, the CCP used the broker to try to make money from international drug trafficking legal.

Laundering money

If this is confirmed, the scheme would have served for criminals like André de Oliveira Macedo, André do Rap, to boast a life of luxury, with mansions in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro, speedboats and helicopters.

According to the police, he maintained this fortune provided by international drug trafficking. Arrested since last year, André do Rap was responsible for sending tons of cocaine to Europe.

The money laundering scheme for drug trafficking was not just due to the use of Bitcoins. According to the Civil Police inquiry, there is a suspicion of a broad scheme in the Baixada Santista coordinated by people linked to André do Rap, such as the young businessman responsible for parties and events on the coast Freddy Silva Bento.

Bento's relatives are suspected of being part of the scheme, using restaurants, clothing stores and even an NGO that takes care of needy children. The businessman denied, however, the charges.

Despite being arrested and convicted in the first instance, André do Rap could be released next month. The reason, according to prosecutor Lincoln Gakiya, would be the slowness of the Federal Justice to judge the appeal. Meanwhile, André do Rap has been kept in jail based on preventive arrests.


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