China’s innovation capital Shenzhen Stock Exchange has propelled a record that tracks the exhibition of 50 blockchain organizations. As per a declaration on December 24, 2019, the record will be founded on the portions of 50 SSE recorded organizations that take an interest in the blockchain business.

The main 50 blockchain-related stocks are positioned dependent on their normal every day advertise an incentive in the course of recent months. The record, called the Stock Exchange list 50, It is refreshed two times per year: on the second Friday of June and December.

As indicated by the declaration, before making the record, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) ensured that the organizations included really utilized “unadulterated” blockchain innovation (as characterized in China and that they don’t include token issuance). or on the other hand any sort of cash), it was likewise checked whether organizations really use blockchain or simply guarantee to utilize innovation to exploit Hype.

SSE is one of two freely working stock trades in territory China. As per the securities exchange information site TradingHours, SSE’s market capitalization is $ 3.12 trillion, making it the fourth biggest in Asia and the eighth biggest on the planet.


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