Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano


Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson gave a detailed update on how things are going and his organization’s plans for the future.

On his Youtube channel, Hoskinson described the huge amount of activity going on, addressing plans for the creation of multiple committeesincluding a governance steering committee, a technical steering committee and “other committees that are related to things like growth and adoption.”

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In the video, broadcast live on June 30, the founder emphasized that, “in order to support all this work and the expansion of the network,” Cardano needs more manpowerand that employees can grow to the point of becoming a participatory part of the company.


Therefore, Hoskinson announced the creation of a website so that “anyone who wants to be part of this organization can apply.” After registration, “you can pay the membership fee to the organization, or contribute some kind of work to the organization, or both.”

Hoskinson on his live/YouTube Reproduction

At another point, Hoskinson also said he needs to “put more people to work for Cardano.” In addition to the human resources that the Cardano system requires for growth, the founder highlighted that people need to be guided “partly by decentralization, partly by resilience, partly by effectiveness, and usefulness.”

Hoskinson admitted that Cardano was slow “in using smart contracts,” but that it “missed a lot of the DeFi stuff that is happening today.” He sees this as a benefit, “as DeFi markets collapse and exponential losses are taking place.”

Cardano’s future

Talking about the second semester, Hoskinson said that he dedicated himself to reflection, as “It’s time to put everything in the right place,” and that’s what your company intends to do.

Finally, the founder of Cardano said that bear markets were the best time to finalize the last elements of the foundation as an ecosystem:

“The bear markets are where everyone gets a lot more collaboration. More people are willing to join and work with you, and people actually answer the phone.”

According to him, bear markets are crazy, “people are very hostile, extremely negative language is used and inhumane things happen.” Nonetheless, “One thing that has remained constant across different market perspectives is that the Cardano community is here to stay.”

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