The crypto market has recently shown positive signs that it is emerging from its crisis of the past few months. Investors are looking for new opportunities that would allow them to exploit rising prices without risking losses if the market plunges again.

RBIS is the token that powers ArbiSmart, a licensed crypto arbitrage platform. Its steady and impressive track record makes it one of the most promising cryptos of 2021 and the perfect choice to protect its gains as the market trends upward.

Why is RBIS suitable for today's market?

Let's start by looking at what crypto-arbitrage is and how it generates a profit.

Crypto exchanges are not all the same; they vary in size, with different trading volumes and liquidity levels. These differences can lead to temporary price differentials – short periods of time in which a cryptocurrency is available on multiple exchanges at different prices at the same time.

ArbiSmart's algorithm is connected to 35 exchanges that it automatically monitors 24 hours a day to identify price discrepancies. He then buys the crypto on the exchange that offers the lowest price, then instantly sells it where the price is highest to generate a profit. This process is known as crypto arbitrage.

Usually, you never hear about reliable and predictable earnings when it comes to the most volatile asset class in the world. This is precisely the difference that makes ArbiSmart an increasingly popular investment option: ArbiSmart guarantees returns even in a bear market.

During the recent crypto crash, the value of RBIS rose, in part because holders of Bitcoin and Ethereum wanted a safe haven. They were looking for a solution for their digital assets, so that their capital not only stopped losing value, but so that it could even increase. In fact, in the two years since its launch, the price of the RBIS token has already more than quadrupled. As price differentials continue to occur whether the market plunges or not, this is the perfect hedge.

Likewise, in an uptrend, you want to secure your profits by making sure that the next sudden market reversal will not swallow all of your gains. You also want to invest using a strategy that will grow your portfolio significantly no matter what happens in the market and this is where ArbiSmart excels.

What kinds of earnings are we talking about?

Gains from crypto arbitrage start at 10.8% and can be as high as 45% per year depending on your starting stake. ArbiSmart's earnings table gives you precisely how much you can expect to earn per month and per year depending on your account level, before compound interest.

This is not the only source of income, however. If you choose a savings account that locks your funds in for a certain period of time, you can generate additional earnings of around 1% per day. Then there are also the gains made thanks to the increase in the price of the RBIS token which has already taken 450% in two years and remains on a very positive trajectory despite the recent slump in the crypto market.

What are the projections for the RBIS course?

Analysts predict that the price of the RBIS token will jump 4,000% by 2023. This encouraging projection is based on the steady growth of the project since its launch in 2019.

In 2020, the platform grew by 150% and the number of users has grown steadily since. This is partly due to the team of developers who are behind the project and who are working very hard.

In fact, the developer team has implemented a whole host of system architecture improvements over the past few months. Even more changes are coming over the next quarter. In addition, in the third and fourth quarters, the RBIS token will see the arrival of new features that will push its price upwards such as a paid wallet that can handle cryptos and fiat. ArbiSmart does not intend to slow down since in 2022 new products and services will be launched such as a mobile application, a yield farming program and a crypto credit card.

At the end of 2021, RBIS will be listed which will boost its price. The community is growing rapidly month after month and once the token is listed you will need to buy it on an exchange if you want to use RBIS services. As demand increases, supply is limited with only 450 million RBIS in circulation. As the price of RBIS increases, the owners of the token are going to be more inclined to keep it rather than sell it which should drive up the price.

The price of the RBIS token is about to explode with its listing and new features coming in a few months. As the crypto market is on the mend and investors seek new opportunities to grow their crypto portfolio, the timing to buy RBIS could not be better.

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