The free lunch at the homes of family and friends at the end of the year is over, but the ones on bitcoin exchanges are just getting started.

Novadax, one of the largest Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges, started 2022 by shaking up the lives of traders with an interesting promotion. This Friday (01/14), all new customers or customers who have not yet deposited at NovaDAX who make transfers of at least one Luna, will receive a bonus amount of 0.05 in the same currency as a reward in the exclusive airdrop campaign of NovaDAX.

2022 will be the year of altcoins, and Luna is one of the highlights of this segment as it draws the attention of traders as it is a very ambitious project. This cryptocurrency aims to become the main means of payment in the digital environment, combining the security of the blockchain and the stability of a common currency.” says Beibei Liu, CEO of NovaDAX.

Terra (LUNA) tries to solve the problem of cryptocurrency volatility, usability and censorship resistance using blockchain. As a result, investors are betting heavily on the crypto asset, pushing it up 14,000% according to Novadax.

NovaFriday, periodic free lunch

helicopter money

The action is called NovaFriday and takes place periodically at Novadax, with sweepstakes, competitions, airdrops, tax exemptions, lotteries and several other actions.

“Our mission is to popularize the crypto market in Brazil and a fact that made us very happy is that in 2021 NovaDAX was the most searched online exchange according to Cointradermonitor. This demonstrates that we are reaching more and more people and bringing new traders to the world of crypto assets”, concludes Beibei Liu.

In addition, exchange traders can invite a friend to register on the NovaDAX website and if the guest deposits an amount of R$ 100 – in real or in crypto – within 30 days, both will receive R$ 10 in their accounts .

NovaDAX is completing three years!

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil turns three in November and you win!

There will be up to 30 currencies with zero fee for transactions and more than 80 currencies listed, with cash available on the spot and high liquidity.

Cryptocurrencies with the best rates on the market! Simply activate the free Novawards program and enjoy reduced rates of up to 75%.

Discover the NovaDAX Card and order yours now.


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