Even in bearmarket, blockchain industry received more than R$160 billion in 1199 private investment rounds, according to report.

Private investments in the blockchain industry

A report by Messari, in partnership with Dove Metrics, shows that the capital market continues to invest heavily in the blockchain industry, with a high fundraising record exceeding R$160 billion so far, in the year 2022.

Overall data shows that the blockchain industry received $30.3 billion of private capital, which took place in 1199 investment rounds sponsored by well-known Venture Capitalists (U).

Report slide with data on private investments in the blockchain industry.

The largest number of rounds occurred in the segment of Web3 and NFTs (530), registering twice as many occurrences as the other categories: DeFi (195); CeFi (222); and Infrastructure (252).

In financial terms, the segment that received the most funds was Centralized Finance (CeFi), with the inflow of US$10.2 billion (33.66% of the total) of private investments.

CeFi was closely followed by Infrastructure ($9.7bn) and Web3 & NFT ($8.6bn); while the design industry Decentralized Finance (DeFi) saw a sharp slowdown, receiving just $1.8 billion (5.94% of the total).

Monthly fundraising

Looking at the month-on-month performance, we see that for DeFi, the highest volume of funding took place in the last month of the semester, in June. Infrastructure received most of the funding in February, which turned out to be the worst month for CeFi.

monthly amounts invested in different categories of the blockchain industry

Centralized companies received the largest volume of capital from private investments in January, ahead of major market crashes and numerous scandals involving the blockchain industry of custodial funds.

While Web3 and NFT had their investment peak in April 2022.

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