The wait has come to an end. After announcing the partnership with, the largest fan engagement platform via blockchain in the world, MIBR, the largest eSports organization in the country, announces the period for selling its Fan Tokens, which will feature an unprecedented collaboration between Bybit , the third most accessed cryptocurrency exchange in the world, master sponsor of the organization and, strategic technology partner and issuer of the $MIBR Fan Tokens.

Bybit joins the project to leverage the reach of Fan Tokens, assigning liquidity to assets and positioning them globally. All this MIBR movement aims to bring fans of the biggest eSports team in Brazil to a new way of cheering. Activations accessed through $MIBR Fan Tokens allow the fan to participate in some team decisions and also rewards with collectibles and unique experiences.

MIBR is the first eSports team to carry out this unprecedented move in Brazil. Among the benefits for those who purchase Fan Tokens are: possibility to experience a day as a CS athlete, participation in exclusive events (including Major), decision on the team’s uniform color, interaction and involvement with the organization’s day to day during training. , receipt of autographed products, meet&greet with the team’s stars, participation in showmatches and even the customization of each athlete’s weapons in the championships.

To learn more, just access

“Providing a new experience for fans and the community, that’s the whole point of us launching MIBR Fan Tokens! Whoever acquires it, will have a piece of the team, participating in decisions and having access to unique and exclusive experiences”, explains Roberta Coelho, CEO of MIBR.

Fan Tokens are digital assets operated via blockchain and MIBR will use them to empower their fan base with a unique and exclusive selection of rewards. $MIBR Fan Token Holders (as they are called who owns Fan Tokens) will have access to exclusive experiences that provides with teams and leagues of various sports around the world, reinforcing the usefulness of digital assets and the value of being part of a VIP community that gives access to unforgettable experiences and support for the development of sports as a whole, in addition to promotions carried out by Bybit.

Transforming the relationship of fans with their teams and sports of heart through utility tokens is the mission of, the largest blockchain-based sports fan engagement platform in the world. The launch of the $MIBR Fan Tokens, in partnership with the largest eSports team in the country and Bybit, is’s entry on the right foot in the electronic game sector in Brazil.

“More than 1.5 million sports and esports fans around the world are enjoying the benefits of being part of’s tokenized community. This agreement with ByBit, official partner of MiBIR and one of the leading blockchain platforms in the world, will give us the opportunity to introduce our rewards and engagement platform to millions of other fans.” comments Felipe Ribbe, managing director of in Brazil.

“We are very excited about this partnership, which began in May 2022, when we became master sponsors of the MIBR team. The launch of the team’s first Fan Tokens sale is another important step we are taking in the Brazilian market, the main cryptocurrency market in Latin America according to a recent survey by the Global Crypto Adoption Index”, says Michelle Mafra, marketing manager at Bybit., Bybit and MIBR envision new engagement and reward opportunities for fans who purchase $MIBR Fan Tokens on the Bybit platform and other digital arenas in the future, and for now remember that it is possible to purchase them on their preference, but to ensure access to experiences and rewards, it is important that fans transfer and maintain assets on the platform.

Schedule for the purchase of $MIBR:

Fan Tokens will be released and sold for US$1.00 each (approximately R$5.00). From September 16, MIBR fans will be able to pre-order Fan Tokens on the recently revamped Bybit platform that connects users to some of the most sought-after tokens on the market.

Between September 16th and 26th, new Bybit VIPs can unlock exclusive access to a prize pool of 2,000 MIBR, while traders who also buy a WSOT NFT will be able to share a bonus of 1,000 MIBR. To participate, simply register on the Bybit Launchpad page.

On September 22, the FTO (Fan Tokens Offering) takes place, with the start of sales on the app. To familiarize themselves with the platform, not miss the news and purchase Fan Tokens, it is essential that eSports fans download the app right now and favorite MIBR as their preferred team.

  • 09/16 to 09/21 – Period to register your account at Bybit and ensure that your account has sufficient balance for the Fan Token to be deposited in your wallet.
  • 09/22 – Bybit starts checking accounts to confirm user eligibility to receive $MIBR Fan Tokens. It will be 5 days for the user to guarantee a minimum amount in his account so that on 09/27 the tokens are credited to his wallet.
  • 9/22 – On this day, MIBR fans will be able to purchase $MIBR Fan Tokens on the platform also for $1 USD and during a 24-hour period. On that day, MIBR will be launching its first poll so that fans can participate.
  • If you want to participate and have purchased your tokens on Bybit, you must transfer them to the platform and participate in exclusive activations.
  • 09/27: Listing – On this day, the $MIBR Fan Token will be listed on and its value will follow market behavior, that is, it may have a value different from $1 USD depending on supply and demand.
  • 09/27: Bybit Listing – On this day, the interested party will be able to trade their $MIBR fan tokens, keep them or transfer them to Socios to participate in new exclusive activations.
  • 10/03 – Results of the first poll on and redemption of the first experience/award

How to buy a $MIBR on Bybit?

  1. Access the link and register on the platform;
  2. Complete the verification;
  3. Obtain the funds that qualify you for the transaction, i.e. acquire a cryptocurrency (USDTs or BITs);
  4. With the registration completed and currency purchased, return to the Launchpad page and participate in the campaign;
  5. You can participate using the participation model: “Lottery” or “Registration”;
  6. Follow the steps on the platform. On 9/22, your tokens will be available in your wallet. Keep an eye on our social media for opportunities to receive $MIBR Fan Tokens airdrops.

How to buy $MIBR on

  1. Download the app, sign up using your phone number;
  2. Click on $CHZ, on the app home;
  3. Follow the instructions to purchase $CHZ,’s digital currency, with your preferred payment method;
  4. Click on SPORTS and then on GAMES. Select the MIBR;
  5. Enter how many Fan Tokens you want to buy and use $CHZ to make your purchase;
  6. Done! The indicated amount will appear in your WALLET within the app.

About MIBR

MIBR is a leading brand in Esports and with fans all over the world, mainly in Brazil. In 2020, MIBR was the third most “tweeted about” team globally by Twitter Gaming Insights. This announcement certainly shows the strength of the MIBR tag against new brands that are increasingly showing support and investing for the growth of the scenario as a whole.

About is the world’s largest Blockchain and Token Fan Engagement platform, and provides sports fans with access to an intuitive app where they can join a highly engaged community and be recognized and rewarded for their support of clubs, leagues and sports of your heart.

Through, sports organizations can strengthen their relationship with their fans through Fan Tokens, digital assets that unlock access to a gamified experience with exclusive rewards.

More than 160 sports organizations, including major football teams from Europe and Latin America, premium Formula 1™ teams, giants from the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS, leading esports teams and the UFC are on board with much more to come. come over. Currently the company has around 300 employees and regional offices in Miami, Madrid, Malta, London, Istanbul, Milan and São Paulo.

The app is available in 10 languages ​​and is powered by Chiliz, the world’s leading blockchain provider for the sports and entertainment industry. For more information, visit

About Bybit

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange established in March 2018 that offers a professional platform where traders find an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service and multilingual community support.

Bybit is proud to partner with Formula 1 racing team Oracle Red Bull Racing, eSports teams NAVI, Astralis,Alliance,, Made in Brazil (MIBR) and Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports, and the teams of football Borussia Dortmund and Avispa Fukuoka. For more information, visit:


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