BlockSherlock is a platform that groups together several tools to help fight crimes with cryptocurrencies.

As already reported by CriptoFácil, the platform was developed by Civil Police Chief Vytautas Zumas and by the National Treasury Attorney Ana Paula Bez Batti.

Through a video, expert Nick Furneaux praised the platform and the effort made to facilitate investigations involving digital currencies.

“If I had it in my day, everything would be easier”

Furneaux is a specialist in digital forensic analysis, acting as – among other things – author at the CSI Tech institute.

He is also the author of the book “Investigating Cryptocurrencies“, Which in free translation means“ Investigating Cryptocurrencies ”.

The purpose of the book is to understand and analyze evidence left on blockchain networks.

Furneaux stated on video that when he was writing his book, exhaustive work was done to search for research platforms.

This is where the research expert praised the BlockSherlock platform:

"If I had BlockSherlock available at the time …"

The statement indicates that the work would be much easier if there was a platform that groups relevant research tools.

Complete Furneaux:

"The site brings together some of my favorite tools like, CryptoHound and Wallet Explorer."

It is worth mentioning that BlockSherlock is completely free. In this way, those who want to acquire some familiarity with research can use the platform.

The expert also points out that, although commercial tools are useful in investigations with crypto, open source ones are also useful.

The CSI Tech author also mentions the block explorers, who are also present at BlockSherlock.

Furneaux explains:

"Open source tools and block explorers are needed to outline the life of a particular cryptography, to make tracking possible to a certain extent."

He stresses that having all these tools on a single platform is very useful.

Finally, Furneaux congratulates the effort to group the tools on a platform.

Cooperation between authorities

In addition to the tools, the BlockSherlock platform also aims to assist different Brazilian authorities in investigations involving cryptography.

Speaking to CriptoFácil at the time of the platform's launch, Zumas stated:

“Cryptocurrency transactions are fast, and it is difficult when a police station in Rio Grande do Sul has to work with the Public Prosecutor of Amazonas, for example. In this way, we also act as a bridge to facilitate this communication, trying to make the process more fluid. We do not coordinate any operation against organized crime, we just help the authorities to have maximum efficiency in solving crimes involving cryptocurrencies. ”

Regarding the facilitation mentioned by the delegate, it is support material, list of active exchanges and models of requirements.

It is important to note that, although the website's services are open to the public, the support material is intended exclusively for authorities responsible for investigating crimes with cryptography.

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