Bill 5190/2020 may introduce the use of blockchain technology in vaccine registration in Brazil.

Authored by Senator Acir Gurgacz (PDT / RO), the PL proposes changes to the National Immunization Program (PNI). The idea is to end the current paper vaccination cards and replace them with digital versions.

With that, the registration of vaccines taken by Brazilians would become electronic. This includes the entire history of vaccinations administered in public and private health services.

Blockchain is proposed as a solution

According to the PL text, the Ministry of Health would have to create a digital identity for each Brazilian citizen. In this identity, an immunization record would be linked.

The Conecta SUS application already has a function that allows you to monitor the registration of vaccines. However, not all health centers register digitally.

The approval of the PL could change this situation, making the registration and consultation of vaccines taken faster.

“The Unified Health System (SUS) will maintain a digital platform with individualized electronic records of the history of vaccinations administered in public and private health services, in an accessible form to the user, which should allow: I – the integration and interoperability of its databases data, ensuring the security and confidentiality of information through the use of solutions based on distributed database technology or blockchain. ”, highlights the PL.

However, Conecta SUS may have a much more efficient replacement: blockchain. The technology could transform the famous “Vaccination Card” into a digital model.

The use of technology would bring many advantages, including security. For example, it had allowed data to be protected and consulted by third parties only with the user's permission.

“Furthermore, we consider it essential that the data contained in the digital platform can also be used by different applications, guaranteeing their security and confidentiality through the use of blockchain technology. Additionally, it is important that this tool has the function of informing about vaccinations and other campaigns related to the population's immunization ”, said Gurgacz.

Relationship between blockchain and vaccines

Brazil is a world reference with regard to vaccination. PNI is a world reference, having been a pioneer in the incorporation of several vaccines in the SUS calendar.

And this is not the first time the country has combined blockchain and vaccines. The Ministry of Health said in September that future vaccines against Covid-19 will be registered on blockchain.

While the law seeks to make the use of blockchain in the PNI a trend, other companies are already creating blockchain versions of vaccination cards.

The Brazilian project MyHealthData launched the first version of a vaccine card on blockchain last year.

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