From tomorrow, it would be possible to stack your DEFC tokens on Bitmart. All users of the exchange with a certain amount of the crypto can participate in Bitmart staking and earn an annual return of 65%.

How to participate in DEFC staking on Bitmart

First, you must have an account on the Bitmart exchange. Creating an account on Bitmart is free and the registration process is simple and intuitive. Afterwards, the user must deposit at least 2,500 DEFC tokens in their Bitmart wallet. It is important to clarify that the user will not need to lock their DEFC tokens for a period of time to receive the staking return. Staking earnings will be calculated daily based on the user's DEFC wallet balance.

The distribution and calculation of DEFC staking returns with Bitmart is done on a monthly basis i.e. over a period of 30 days. The platform's mission is to complete the distribution of returns before the 9th of each month. The first session will take effect on the exchange from August 3, 2021 to September 3, 2021.

Currently, DEFC is redeemable for $ 1.26 on Bitmart. With the annual staking return of up to 65%, the user can make $ 781.25 on 2,500 DEFC tokens. If the crypto price rises, the gains will be even greater.

What impact on the future course of DEFC?

This staking plan can have a positive effect on the DEFC price for two big reasons. The first reason is the DEFC Holders' desire to hold onto their chips for the long haul. This will cause an artificial rise in the future price of the crypto. The second reason is the possible runaway of users for crypto.

Investors might be interested in this offer because it is a way to generate passive income with your cryptos without taking high risk. In fact, if this is the case the value of DEFC will increase because when demand increases and supply remains unchanged, prices go up.

Another point of argument in favor of a rise in the price of the token is the good performance of the crypto market during the months of August and September. After the sell-off in May and profit-taking in June and July, August and September mark new market entries. Which usually wears it up.


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